TONIC Site Shop got 7,000 leads with a quiz

TL:DR Tonic Site Shop created a quiz that helps people find the right website template (they have a template shop). The quiz has brought in 7,000+ leads and over $50k in revenue. This is their story.

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What if you knew that one of your product launch ideas during a 3 a.m. brainstorming session would turn into $50,000+ in revenue?

We’d all take our late-night ideas more seriously if that was the case!

This is exactly what happened to Jen and Jeff of TONIC Site Shop (TONIC), a customizable website design and template shop that is making waves with their memorable cocktail-themed quiz.

Using an Interact personality quiz, these two content creators have attracted over 7,000 leads at a conversion rate of 65.5% in about a year.

To say we’re majorly impressed is an understatement.

So how did the co-founders of TONIC create such a successful, profitable quiz with an idea they had on a whim? We’re about to break down exactly why in this in-depth interview.

An interview on how to build a personality quiz for your product launch

If you’re planning to launch a new digital product (like an online course, templates, ebook, etc.), adding a personality quiz to your launch strategy could be your secret weapon.

Don’t just take our word for it. Jen said the same thing about her Brand Cocktail Quiz.

In this exclusive interview with Jen from Tonic Site Shop, you’ll learn how to:

Let’s dive right in!

(PS: You may want to take notes with this one. It’s GOOD!)

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Q: Jen, what inspired you to make your own quiz?

As designers, we’ve integrated Interact quizzes into many of our clients’ websites — and we saw the unreal results that Interact quizzes garnered for them every time!

We were nearing a big product launch and knew we’d have a lot of site traffic, and we had never been diligent about creating list-building opportunities. Word-of-mouth marketing had always been our trusty staple.

We tossed the idea of doing a quiz in brainstorming sessions a few weeks prior to dropping our new site collection, but ultimately the task was buried under our virtual pile of to-dos.

tonic site shop collection

Fast forward to a few days before our launch when we decided we HAD to make the quiz happen.

We wanted to do something that:

  • felt super customized and true to our brand
  • helped our customers better understand themselves
  • served as an automated sales tool
  • launched a quiz email funnel
  • gave us insightful data in the process

But, you know, we also wanted the personality quiz to feel fun. We were asking for a LOT out of a single quiz, and we knew the only way we could accomplish all of these goals was to use Interact to make our own quiz.

tonic site shop quiz cover

We brainstormed with a copywriter friend and came up with the idea for our “What’s Your Brand Cocktail?” quiz pretty quickly. And while we don’t recommend this approach, we decided that the best time to set up our quiz was at 3 a.m. the night before our collection launch… let’s just say that our personality quiz result pages were designed late, late into the night…

Procrastination aside, we got it finished in plenty of time and couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up or why we waited until the last minute to do so. Our quiz was born in a matter of hours and perfectly tied into our launch strategy.

Key Takeaway: You don’t have to have the perfect strategy before you make your own quiz. Take a moment to brainstorm a few ideas for how you can fit a personality quiz into your next product or service launch. How could it enhance your launch and give your customers even more value? Start there and remember that it can be a work-in-progress and still be a success! (More on how that was true for TONIC later…)

Q: What did “success” look like to you as a first-time quiz creator?

To be completely honest, since we set up our quiz in conjunction with our launch last minute, we didn’t really think about how we wanted it to play out or what success of that quiz would look like to us.

We just knew it would be a great way to capture some email opt-ins and provide a fun, helpful tool for our site visitors! So that meant we were jaw-on-the-floor shocked when we saw just how impactful this simple tool on our site really was.

We were able to harness over 1,000 new leads in one month which proved this was our best opt-in strategy ever.

Since then, our quiz has enabled not only our potential clients to easily identify a few design options fit for their brand, but it also gives us an idea of what types of businesses our potential clients are running, how long they’ve been in their field, how interested they might be in our products, what kind of Instagram content they respond to, and more… hello, data!

We’ve also used it to provide a discount code via a quiz email funnel, and that has proved incredibly successful. We went into using Interact with few expectations but can say that we’re beyond happy with the results that allow us to serve our community of creatives better than ever before.

Key Takeaway: You may not know exactly what “success” looks like with your personality quiz, but it is a smart idea to set specific goals you want to accomplish. While it’s fun to make your own quiz, it will only be useful to you when you nail down exactly what you want your quiz to do. Do you want to gather more data about your audience, test out your brand messaging, grow your email list in an interactive way, sell more of your digital products, or something else entirely? The great thing is that, as the quiz creator, you get to choose!

Q: We love how you decided to run with the cocktail theme! How did you strategically work it into how you wrote the personality quiz?

Well, if you’ve visited our website, you might have noticed that the cocktail theme is a pretttttty big part of TONIC. 😉

Jeff and I actually met at a rooftop bar in LA for the first time, and we drew up our ideas for TONIC Site Shop on a cocktail napkin, of course.

Since our business was born over bourbon and bubbles and all of our templates are named after cocktails, we knew the cocktail theme had to be a huge part of what we did.

But since we wanted the quiz to be a tool for our clients, we also had to tie it back into our branding and make it useful for our buyers. Creating a quiz with the title “What’s Your Brand Cocktail?” seemed like a great merge of the two!

We took that idea into a few brainstorming sessions (shout out to our friend Chanti who spent a day with us talking through ideas and writing drafts!) and developed results specific to each cocktail and brand style.

tonic site shop quiz results

Now there’s a cocktail for every brand personality that comes to our site with design recommendations based on that cocktail, a cocktail recipe, and even a Spotify playlist to match. Our results pages are pretty fun!

Key Takeaway: Once you choose a catchy and memorable theme for your personality quiz, think about how you can weave it into your content. How can you reimagine the theme on your quiz result landing pages, in your quiz funnel, and beyond? The sky’s the limit!

Q: What did you learn from writing your personality quiz from scratch?

Mixing our quiz from scratch gave us the opportunity to better verbalize and identify the kinds of entrepreneurs coming to our site and who each design in our collection was really for.

In working through the process, we were able to see how a cocktail choice that’s super fun (like a margarita) would result in that potential client loving our Cosmopolitan, Paloma or Limoncello website templates, for example.

By assigning brand attributes to our actual designs, we feel more confident in serving up those design recommendations through the quiz because we drilled down why that particular drink choice would result in the design recommendation.

And in 99% of cases, we get emails stating how the Brand Cocktail Quiz was right on with on their brand identity — so cool!

Key Takeaway: Making your own quiz can be a great way to give your audience recommendations. What kind of resources, products, or services can you offer that feel like a natural fit after your audience takes your quiz? The more they feel understood after completing the quiz, the more likely they are to purchase your offer.

Q: How did you decide how many questions you wanted to use, how many personality results you wanted to create, and so on?

When it came to determining the number of questions and personality results, we knew we wanted the quiz to feel super fun, quick, and easy. We didn’t want them to feel like they had just done a homework assignment.

We used a mix of photos and fun questions, plus a few more business-focused ones, and kept the questions well under 15.

tonic site shop quiz question

We nailed down a few different types of brands for the results:

  • fun, splashy Margarita
  • modern Gin & Tonic
  • elegant French 75
  • cool Old Fashioned

We felt like we could put almost all of our clients in one category or another, and while we almost added one more result, these four had the least overlap and were the easiest to clearly define!

Key Takeaway: If you’re not sure how many personality quiz results to include, look at your past customers and clients. Make a list of their common traits, desires, habits, and motivations. Can you find some that have those things in common? This is the easiest way to determine what personality types you can highlight.

Q: How did you decide what to offer with your quiz?

When someone takes the quiz, they are assigned a personality result that hand-picks a few different site designs they specifically might like, as well as a link to our full collection.

manhattan quiz result

When clients get their results, they also get a “welcome” email that introduces us, gives them more information about their results, and gives them a strong call-to-action link to purchase that design (or another that they love) at a discounted rate.

It’s such a win-win because as they get their questions answered, we’re able to acquire the data we need as small business owners to foster and continue growth, all while ensuring we continue to serve our TONIC community well.

Key Takeaway: What services or products are a natural fit for each personality quiz result you are creating? You can give your audience personalized recommendations based on their personality through a custom landing page as well as through a follow-up email sequence that comes after they complete the quiz.

Q: How long did it take you to set up the quiz?

It may have been the pre-launch adrenaline at work, but Jeff and I set up the actual quiz, result landing pages, and email sequence in a matter of hours. Luckily, we had some help with some of the copy the week leading up the launch which allowed up to get it up and running.

But honestly, we were really shocked at how quick and easy the process was. Oh, and the Interact support team is extremely helpful, which is just that extra garnish that Jeff and I love!

Having worked with Interact before (and being obsessed with their support team!), we didn’t even think of looking into other quiz building platforms because we already had experience with the super-streamlined process and amazing customer service. One of our biggest selling points was definitely being able to link out to our own custom results pages at the end!

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Q: What has surprised you the most after launching your personality quiz?

The amount of new customers who take our quiz EVERY DAY is shocking. It’s truly been incredible evergreen content.

Well, that and the fact that I can confidently say that over $50,000 has been generated directly from our quiz result discount code… and that’s not counting anyone who’s bought a site without the discount. What a return on our investment!

current quiz funnel results with 65.5% conversion rate

The quiz allows our potential clients the opportunity to share a little bit about their brand and business with us, but they also get to know us, what we stand for and HOW we can help them. It’s really been an invaluable (yet, kinda accidental) goldmine that we’ve found in our Interact quiz.

We will never second guess our 3 a.m. launch night ideas ever again. 😉

Key Takeaway: Before you create your personality quiz, ask yourself if the content will still be relevant a year from now? How about three or five years from now? If so, you are creating a quiz that will grow and scale with you!

Q: Do you plan to use quizzes in the future? If so, give us a peek into how!

We’re actively trying to think about HOW to integrate more quizzes into our strategy as we continue to build our brand and business.

In our last launch, we introduced the NEAT collection, which is a collection of simple, one-page designs as opposed to our Top Shelf collection, which features additional pages and layers.

We have tons of clients that inquire with us about which collection is best for them: a simple one-page design or one with multiple pages and layers. This may be a great opportunity for us to integrate a new quiz, taking it one step deeper, to focus specifically on this question so our clients can determine if their site needs and minimize confusion between the two collections.

We’re quickly realizing that the possibilities with quizzes are endless!

Add a personality quiz to your next product launch

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  7. Promote your quiz on your website and social media

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And if you need even more convincing, take a peek at Kaye Putnam’s personality quiz case study which helped her generate over $100,000+ in online course revenue.

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