How to Write a Personality Quiz for Business Results

How do you define “success” when using an online quiz for business?

Do you measure its success by assessing how much your traffic increases with a quiz? Maybe it comes down to how many website visitors turn into email subscribers.

While increasing these stats will give you a great start, they aren’t the strongest indicator of a successful lead-generating quiz.

Instead, you’ll achieve better results when your quiz turns participants into actual paying customers.

Growing your traffic or email list isn’t your ultimate goal. When you focus on increasing how much new business revenue you can drive from your quiz, you’ll see just how influential quizzes can be.

Kaye Putnam, a psychology-driven brand strategist, is a great example of this.

two women celebrating 100k in sales with 100k balloons

When she wrote her quiz for business growth, Kaye not only attracted 100,000 quiz takers (and counting) but also generated $100,000+ in online course sales just from the quiz!

That’s a HUGE payday!

Read more about Kaye’s story and her best tips on writing an Interact quiz here!

Most of us would love to see similar results, but before we can start generating profit from a personality quiz, we have to focus on how to strategically write our quiz.

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Best practices when writing a quiz for business results

One of the best ways to turn a fun, interactive quiz into a lead-driving machine is to focus on how your quiz is written. While your quiz visuals will draw people in, your words will keep your audience’s attention.

Even if you wouldn’t consider copywriting your “thing”, you can easily learn how to write a quiz for business results that will blow your other lead magnets out of the water. You just need to follow a few guidelines.

When you create your own personality quiz, you’ll be writing a:

  • Quiz title
  • Quiz questions
  • Quiz answers
  • Quiz personality descriptions

We’ll walk you through the process of writing each of these crucial elements. We also will give you access to a quiz content writing worksheet at the end, but for now, stay tuned for our best writing tips.

Writing an engaging quiz title

Ask a question in your title: Have you ever noticed that nearly all Buzzfeed-style quiz titles are written as questions? Writing your quiz title as a question is one of the most engaging ways to get people to take your quiz! A question prompts your audience to answer the question by completing your quiz, convincing them to immediately take your quiz. To choose a question that fits as your title, think about what you want your audience to walk away knowing at the end of your quiz.

quiz cover with smiling woman

Keep it short and sweet: The longer your quiz title is, the more likely your audience will be to stop skimming your quiz cover page and exit the tab. Your quiz title should be easy enough to read in a second or two. Concise copywriting will perform best on your quiz cover page. (Need help with quiz ideas? Here’s a list of 101 quiz ideas to help you get started!)

Include a cover image: While this may not fall into the quiz writing category per se, it’s still important to note since the most successful quizzes have a default cover image. It’s best if this cover image follows your visual branding guidelines to ensure it stands out and stays consistent with the rest of your website and social media imagery. If you can customize it to include your title, that’s even better!

quiz cover with woman sitting on a rock with are you on your way to burnout

Add a quiz description: Since you created a short title, you can add more information about what the quiz is about underneath the quiz cover image. This is where you will explain what your audience will walk away knowing after they complete the quiz. It’s best to keep this description at two to three sentences maximum so you don’t distract from the main goal of getting your audience to start taking your quiz.

quiz cover with woman by a plate of food

Write actionable button copy: Don’t let the copy on your quiz cover page button become an afterthought. Since the call-to-action button is the most important element to click, it deserves your special attention. Instead of saying something vague like “Start” or “Go”, try to make your button copy more descriptive while still staying concise.

quiz cover with people holding up colored shapes

Add humor (if it fits): Depending on what your brand voice is and what quiz topic you’ve chosen, you might have enough wiggle room to add some wit and charm. You can do this by adding pop culture references (we love using GIFs for this!), popular slang, humorous quotes, or other witty sayings. Make sure that the humor comes naturally so it doesn’t sound forced.

Everything you write should sound like something you’d say in person and something that your audience will clearly understand.

black quiz cover with 80s references

Optional – Create a branded quiz title: Do you have a signature digital product, coaching program, or freelance service that you want to highlight on your quiz? You can get extra creative by weaving the title of your core offering into your quiz title. Allison of AllieMarie Design did this with her online course Design Spirit. Check out her quiz here!

design spirit quiz cover

Writing interesting quiz questions and answers

Write 7-10 quiz questions: While seven questions is the optimal number for lead-generating quizzes, we know that some content creators want to include more questions to validate each quiz taker’s personality result. We recommend sticking around this number because it gives your audience enough questions to answer without it becoming overwhelming. The more questions you include, the lower your quiz completion rate will be, so it’s best to stick to less than 10 quiz questions.

Relate each answer to a quiz personality result: When you create your quiz logic, you’ll want to make sure that each possible answer directly ties into a personality result. You can connect each answer to the following personality result inside the Interact quiz platform. First, decide if you want to have one answer for each result (which is the easiest strategy when building your first quiz) or if you want to have more than one possibility (like the example below). Then connect each answer to the corresponding result so that your quiz is ready to launch.

answer choices to results and some of them go to two answer choices

Include images when possible: When we reviewed the Top 100 Most Viewed Interact Quizzes, we found that a whopping 90% of the quizzes had image questions. When you include images, it allows your quiz taker to easily pick out which answer best fits them. In addition to being easier to skim, using images in your answers keeps your audience focused on answering each question while giving them a variety of things to look at.

quiz question showing how to include images vs not including images

Write short descriptors: When you use images in your answers, keep in mind that you should still add relevant copy underneath. Your answer copy doesn’t need to be lengthy. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Instead, you can include short descriptors or phrases that further explain what the image represents.

question with 8 different pastel shades

Add images to your question: While we recommend including images for each answer, you can also add an image to your question. This will save you time when you start collecting or creating imagery for your quiz. If you decide to include images for each question, make sure that it relates to all of your answers so you don’t influence an audience member to answer questions in a certain way.

woman lying on bed with quiz choices about what keeps you up at night

Include multiple choice questions: To switch it up, you can include a few multiple choice questions in your quiz. When you do this, make sure that the copy for each answer is pretty short so they are easy to scan. Your audience can then select multiple answers that fit them. (If you want to learn more about creating a multiple-choice quiz, click here.)

question on do you work with any of these businesses and financial business answer choices

Highlight your personality: The more personality you bring into your quiz questions and answers, the better! It will make your quiz more enjoyable to read and create better consistency with the rest of your messaging. You can include your own catchphrases, slang, or anything else that feels like a natural fit. Just makes sure the words you are using helps you attract your audience rather than confusing them.

quiz question with answer choices

Creating insightful quiz personality descriptions

Include 3-5 personality results: If you include too many personality results, you might overcomplicate your quiz. Instead, stick to five maximum results so you’re still able to provide a personalized experience for quiz takers without creating an overwhelming back-end process. Take it from Kaye Putnam who created a quiz with 12 results based on a pre-existing book. You want to keep it as simple as possible!

Keep it to 3-4 sentences: Your quiz personality results page is meant to have a short description, so a concise paragraph should do the trick. Your personality descriptions should be easy to skim and digest. If you want to include more detail, you can create a separate landing page or add the information to your follow-up email sequence.

Give your description a catchy title: You already wrote an engaging title for your quiz, but you’ll also want to write a memorable title for each personality description. You can write a title that highlights their unique personality traits (like The Creative, The Influencer, or The Strategist) or you can give them a descriptor that fits their values (like Family-Focused, Heart-Driven, or Self-Motivated). No matter what you choose, you can ask a few trusted friends to see if they resonate with your titles. Just remember that in a battle between writing clear or clever titles, clarity will always win!

woman on bed and result description for sleep quiz

Add a featured image to your description: In our Interact quiz building platform, you have the opportunity to include an image on your personality results page. This will give your audience an at-a-glance look at what their personality is before they start reading your written description. Don’t miss out on a chance to make a great impression here! You can use free stock photos on sites like Unsplash or include your own branded graphics.

younger woman and older woman looking at newborn baby and results description

Spin everything as a positive: Avoid putting negative terms and traits into your personality descriptions. You want to use this as an opportunity to uplift your audience members and tell them what their strengths are. They should walk away feeling empowered to achieve their goals with their new level of knowledge.

results description about gifts

Make your descriptions specific: You don’t want someone taking the time to complete your quiz only to receive a personality result that feels broad and bland. If one description can fit everyone, you’ll want to get more specific. If you need more help, think about what each personality type struggles with, what solutions they are looking for, what traits they may have, what they are motivated by, and what their values are. This should help you write more descriptive quiz personalities.

Include a call-to-action (CTA): At the end of your personality description, you have the opportunity to include a quick CTA that will help your audience know where to go next. Most Interact quiz users will tell their audience to check their email inbox for more information about their quiz personality. This is a great way to ensure your quiz takers are getting used to opening emails from you. You can also direct quiz takers to another landing page or sales page.

boho quiz results with shop boho earrings CTA

Start writing your own quiz for business growth

Are you ready to write your own quiz for business?

Now that you know how to write your quiz title, questions, answers, and personality descriptions, you’re one step closer to attracting more quality leads with your quiz.

To help you create a quiz that not only helps you grow your traffic and email list but also helps you earn more income, we have a quiz content writing worksheet with quick tips on how to write a better quiz.

Click here to download our Personality Quiz Content Worksheet!

You’ll want to utilize this worksheet as you get started with building a quiz in Interact!

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