What the top 100 most viewed interact quizzes all have in common

To make a quiz, head to tryinteract.com The top 100 Interact quizzes have been viewed more than 5 million times. They average over 50,000 views (compared to the overall Interact average of 600). These are truly the “cream of the crop” and each and every one of these quizzes was meticulously constructed to maximize its impact. […]

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To make a quiz, head to tryinteract.com

The top 100 Interact quizzes have been viewed more than 5 million times. They average over 50,000 views (compared to the overall Interact average of 600). These are truly the “cream of the crop” and each and every one of these quizzes was meticulously constructed to maximize its impact.

Today I’m going to share a few of the things that all of these quizzes share in common that contribute to their success.

Here are seven things all the top quizzes do that you can copy.

1. Hyper-focused

It seems ironic that the quizzes reaching the largest audiences are also the most focused with their topics. Your natural assumption is to think that heavily popular quizzes have mass appeal (and I do it to). The reality, however, is that all of the top 100 have very narrow focus and their potential audiences are not huge.

Take for example this truck quiz below, which focuses on Big Rig trucks , created by a company that services big rig trucks. I love this quiz because it shows that literally any kind of quiz can become popular if it really speaks to a particular audience. Big Rig truck drivers and service people are not a massive audience by any metric, but because this quiz speaks so directly to them it reached high saturation in that market.


2. 70% are personality type

Personality quizzes are a distinct departure from traditional academic quizzes, and I think that’s a big part of the reason why they flourish. 70 out of the top 100 are personality type quizzes. What I think is interesting about these personality quizzes is the wide variety of industries they come from. There’s everything from political satire like the quiz pictured below to elephant pants, and each quiz is crafted to be a personality type.

One thing to think about with your quiz is seeing if it fits into a personality type template. I talk with customers who are dead-set on doing a traditional (maybe, sometimes, always) format quiz, and let me tell you, those words don’t appear AT ALL in the top 100 quizzes. If you are working with an old quiz that’s being renovated to be put online or you are set on using out dated formats, consider converting it into a personality type quiz, the results will be pleasant.


3. 50% have people on the cover photo

This point is actually the subject of an entire scientific study we did here at Interact. Basically what it boils down to is that pictures of people on cover photos of quizzes perform very well (outperforming the average by 50%). Interestingly, only half of the top 100 have people on the cover, but that by far outperforms the next most prevalent type of image (cars come in second place at 2%)

If you need help finding images that you can actually use without being slapped with fines, check out our list of stock images sites that are completely free and actually have good images.


4. 75% of all traffic is from social

This is probably the least surprising point on this list. We’ve all seen friends bragging on Facebook and Twitter about their latest quiz result. Perhaps what is surprising about this point is just how many people get involved in this sharing of quiz results. We’ve seen everyone from official Israeli Embassy accounts to State Governors tweeting out quiz results.

The thing you can learn from this one is that sharing should be your strategy from the start. I’ve got a nice graphic below that shows the ideal way to share and promote a quiz to maximize your ROI, and you can follow it by embedding a quiz into your website and then pointing the links back to the page where the quiz is embedded (all possible with Interact).

closed loop concordia

5. The designs are highly customized

There are ten editable design elements on Interact quizzes, and the average quiz in the top 100 has 5 of those elements customized. The average for all other quizzes is 3 elements. Based on my experiences with quizzes, I would say this is at quizzes edited to match the rest of your brand are far more popular than quizzes that just use default styling from us.

This points back to your brand continuity, if you can successfully integrate quizzes into your overall marketing strategy rather than having them stick out as somehow different, that builds trust and also allows the quiz to piggyback on the trust people already have with your brand. In other words, custom-designed quizzes aren’t popular because they are custom, but because they have been designed to look like the rest of your content.

10 watts

6. 90% have image questions

I’ve got nothing for this one, just look at the question below and I think you’ll understand why image questions perform well. Visual content outperforms non-visual content by a statistically significant 18% on twitter and by an even larger margin on Facebook, images are king.

One thing I have to say here is to make your images relevant and the right size. I’ve seen too many quizzes sabotage their own success by using stretched or cut off images that also have nothing to do with the original question. Follow the image guidelines on Interact and you’ll have no problem.


7. 100% have images in the results

This one has to do with the previous point about social traffic. When someone shares a quiz result on Facebook, the picture that’s in that result comes with it. As we discussed in the last point, this leads to a lot more clicks on those social posts.

However, if quiz results don’t have an image in them, the social share defaults to sharing the cover photo. While this isn’t bad, it’s not nearly as personalized as when you have images in the quiz results themselves.

Have an image in each quiz result, make it relevant, and make it quality.

innovator 3


To make a quiz, head to tryinteract.com

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