How MamasteFit helps customers find the right course with a quiz

MamasteFit is supports supports your pregnancy, birth, and beyond with our online courses, fitness programs, and in-person support. They have many options for supporting people who are interested in fitness for the areas MamasteFit support.

They use a quiz to guide people towards the right courses, programs, or in-person support. It’s a branching logic quiz that recommends a specific path for each person.

The quiz experience starts on the home page for MamasteFit, it’s the primary option for directing people towards the right offer for their individual needs.

MamasteFit home page

After you click to take the quiz you are taken to the interact quiz experience where you can take the quiz

MamasteFit quiz 1

The quiz asks questions about the person who is taking the quiz in order to determine which offers should be presented to the person taking the quiz. MamasteFit offers 50+ unique courses, programs, and in-person offerings, and most of them has a unique path to get there. (see how that works here)

MamasteFit quiz question

It’s a straightforward quiz, but the way it works is each question creates a branch where it leads to a set of offers and eliminates others.

Here’s a screenshot of roughly how that looks as a map (not the actual map from MamasteFit, that’s proprietary)

Logic map

There are somewhere between 2 and 7 questions depending on which path you go down for this quiz. There are more questions if the quiz needs more information to find out which offer is right for you.

MamasteFit quiz question 2

At the end you are given an offer to join the MamasteFit email list and learn more about the offers you will be receiving. This connects to the email marketing software for MamasteFit and segments the subscribers based on how they answer the questions in the quiz.

MamasteFit quiz opt in

After this opt-in form, whether you choose to subscribe or not, you are shown your quiz result. The result is the right offer from Mamastefit for each person who takes the quiz based on which path they take through the quiz.

MamasteFit quiz result

I really like this use-case for quizzes. It is a guide for each person who comes to MamasteFit so they can find the best offer for their needs. It also connects to the email marketing software for the long-term value of list growth.

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