Natural History Museum brings history to life with an interact quiz

How do you bring the past to life? With an interactive quiz experience of course. That’s what the Natural History Museum of London did with this Dinosaur quiz. It’s a personalized journey through the world of dinosaurs that brings the past into the present and uses a brand of humor that I find extremely compelling.

Natural history museum quiz 1

The quiz has 11 questions and asks about all things human, but also dinosaur. It asks scenario-based questions that are related to real life but also have everything to do with dinosaurs. An amazing way to make history connected to current day.

Natural history museum quiz 2

They use incredible graphics to make the Dinosaur theme connect with current day, by personalizing dinosaurs as if they were decorating their own bedrooms. How could you not want to keep answering questions when this is how fun they are?

Natural history museum quiz 3

At the end of the 11 questions you are shown your dinosaur match. Then there’s a button to learn more about dinosaurs. Let me pause here real quick and set the scenario. Someone just spent about 3 minutes answering questions about dinosaurs to find their dinosaur type. Now you tell them what type of dinosaur they are and provide a fun and personalized result description for them. How could they not want to keep learning? Education is best when it is personal, and the Natural History Museum absolutely nailed it on that front.

Natural history museum quiz 4

I can’t say enough good things about this quiz experience. It’s a perfect way to bring history to life and also make a broad and expansive topic (dinosaurs) personal to every person who takes this quiz.

Create your own history quiz with AI

Now let’s look at how you could create your own history quiz with AI. We will start with this URL from wikipedia.

ai quiz maker dinosaur 4

Then we’ll give our quiz a title, since we know what we want the title to be (if you don’t know you can have AI give you some title options)

ai quiz maker dinosaur quiz 2

Now we’ll generate the quiz, which takes 2 minutes, and here we are with our own dinosaur personality quiz.

dinosaur personality quiz 1

Our quiz also has 11 questions, and you can easily add images with Interact quiz maker.

dinosaur personality quiz 2

At the end I’m shown my quiz result, I got the raptor, along with an AI-generated description that pulled from the wikipedia article.

dinosaur quiz result raptor


There is so much to be learned from the history of our planet and the species that have inhabited it. Natural History Museum did an excellent job creating an interactive quiz experience that brings history to life and makes every person feel connected to and interested in the history of dinosaurs.

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