How Katherine Morgan Schafler Sells Her Book with a Quiz

Interactive marketing is a perfect segue to selling books. A quiz is an ideal way for people to get familiar with your book before they read it. Katherine Morgan Schafler creatively sells her book at the top of her sales funnel with a quiz. 

Katherine is the author of The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control, and she implemented a quiz on her website to introduce the topic. In this post, you’ll learn how Katherine sells her book with a quiz, why we love it, and how you can create a product recommendation quiz for your book.

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Hot Quiz: Get Your Perfectionist Profile

The Perfectionist Profile Quiz is a product recommendation quiz that builds interest in the book’s topic. This type of quiz teases truncated content from the book and then leverages it by adding a call to action to purchase it.

Katherine included two clear links to the quiz—in a scrolling bar at the top of the page and in the primary navigation bar—making it completely visible from the home page.

The quiz includes seven questions about specific quiz-taker characteristics. Rather than having just one result, the results page takes a twist by including the quiz-taker’s top three perfectionist profiles on a scale.

Users can click through to detailed descriptions of the perfectionist types to learn more about each one. Then, there’s a call to action to retake the quiz, share it with friends on social media, or navigate back to the home page to purchase the book.

Why We Love This Quiz

Screenshot of Katherine Morgan Schafler's website where she sells her book with a quiz

The Perfectionist Profile Quiz is an excellent product recommendation quiz for a book. We love that it’s visible from the home page with two access points. Visibility is essential for your lead magnet—if website visitors can’t find it, they won’t take the quiz!

The scrolling bar to take the quiz is a genius way to call attention to the quiz without using a popup or getting lost against the rest of the text on the page. In just one click, site visitors find an entirely white-labeled quiz branded perfectly to the website.

We love that Katherine sells her book with a quiz, effectively recommending her product and enticing her audience to purchase. It extracts value from the book with specific content without giving away too much information. This value gives the quiz-taker a quick way to engage and get a gift in return.

Each question is general enough to appeal to the masses; however, Katherine made the questions meaningful by focusing on self-reflection. The language is intentional and encourages quiz-takers to think critically about how they perceive themselves.

Finally, the quiz results are scaled for each perfectionist type. A scale is an excellent strategy because human beings are complicated and not one way all of the time. Showing multiple results works well to spark curiosity and tease the book.

How to Sell a Book with a Quiz

Craft a quiz that extracts value from your book without giving away too much information. This strategy gives your audience a preview of your book, allows them to engage with your content, and entices them to purchase your book.

Crafting a quiz to sell your book like Katherine Morgan Schafler is easy with ChatGPT. Once you have the copy, you can paste it right into your Interact account. Alternatively, you can request a quiz for your book through InteractAI!

In short, here’s how to convert your book into a lead-generating quiz:

  1. Figure out the personas or characters you’re using in the quiz results. 
  2. Use ChatGPT to summarize your book for your quiz.
  3. Convert the book summary into a quiz.
  4. Have a clear link to your quiz—the more visible, the better.
  5. White label your quiz so the branding matches perfectly with your book cover and website.

Editor’s Note: Click here for full instructions to convert your book into a quiz!

Wrap Up

If you’re promoting your book, use a product recommendation quiz to entice your audience to purchase it. Like Katherine Morgan Schafler’s Perfectionist Profile Quiz, you can give your audience an idea of what your book is about while they engage with your content. 

You can easily create a quiz with Interact using our ChatGPT prompts to craft the copy. Or request a quiz through InteractAI.

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