Top 13 Lead Generation Quizzes of 2024

#1 Jenna Kutcher: What’s Your Secret Sauce?

Jenna Kutcher Headshot

What’s Your Secret Sauce is our entry level quiz that helps me understand more about my audience. It has lived on our website and blog for years and years, and we’ve got over 105,000 subscribers through this quiz (which is a TON!)

Jenna Kutcher

Why we like this quiz: Iconic – That’s the best word to describe what Jenna has done with her secret sauce quiz. In the education industry almost everyone knows about Jenna’s quiz. “Oh I’ve taken Jenna’s quiz” is a phrase I’ve heard a thousand times. The secret sauce quiz has its own brand, its own identity, it is a product in and of itself.

Take the Secret Sauce quiz here.

whats your secret sauce quiz

#2 Gretchen Rubin: What’s the next new habit that will make you happier?

Anne mercogliano headshot

“Quizzes are one of our most powerful discovery features for people to find Gretchen’s body of work. Within a month of launch the quizzes are in our top 10 SEO drivers to our site and a huge driver of our list growth. Quiz takers stick around and become engaged readers of our Newsletter.”

Ann Mercogliano – CEO, Gretchen Rubin Media

Why we like this quiz: IntegrationGretchen Rubin’s quizzes are deeply integrated with her books in a way that is natural, authentic, and brings the ideas in her books to even more vivid personalization. Her habits for happiness quiz pulls from ideas Gretchen has brought to life over the last few decades in a new and fun way. I think it’s genius how she is able to provide such an individual experience for each person who takes her quiz and also go deep with each outcome.

Take the habits for happiness quiz here.

gretchen rubin habits quiz 1

#3 Ellen Yin: What’s your CEO style?

ellen yin 1

In the first fourteen days, our quiz has generated over five hundred leads, ALL ORGANIC. For comparison, we’re currently averaging $2/lead on Facebook ads on our only other lead magnet (a worksheet), so that’s $1,000 in equivalent value added back to our business

Ellen Yin

Why we like this quiz: Versatility – Ellen uses her CEO style quiz at live events, on her website, socials, ads, and more. Ellen can’t seem to miss, she’s been rising rapidly through the ranks of online educators and her CEO style quiz has been a hit on every front.

Take the CEO style quiz here

whats your ceo style quiz

#4 Henry’s House of Coffee: Coffee Matchmaker

hrag kalebjian

Just looking at overall leads, I feel like 23% opt-in rate for the quiz is really good especially when I compare it to my pop-up which gets 5%. I also reconciled the leads to orders, to see the final purchase rate. I’m at 9% which is pretty crazy. 

Hrag Kalebjian, Henry’s House of Coffee

Why we like this quiz: Authenticity – There are innumerable product recommendation quizzes out there. What makes the Henry’s House of Coffee quiz unique against the competition is how deeply connected the quiz is to the business. Henry’s House of Coffee is a three generation coffee house, with roots dating back to 1965. With so many new wave and pop-up coffee options, the Henry’s quiz stands out with its depth, expertise, and authenticity.

Take the coffee matchmaker quiz here.

coffee matchmaker

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#5 Hi-Q Group: Customer Engagement Assessment

nic coppings 2

Our assessment helps customers evaluate themselves against sales best practices and allows us to offer tailored training based on their current developmental stage.

Nic Coppings – Senior Partner, Hi-Q Group

Why we like this quiz: Efficiency – I’m a huge fan of using assessment quizzes to automate repeated processes. What Nic and Hi-Q group have done is automate the process of evaluating sales practices so they can jump right in and help customers where they are. Super smart and genius scaling tactic.

Take the customer engagement assessment here.

hi q assessment

#6 Kaye Putnam: What’s your brand personality?

Kaye putnam headshot

Over the life of the quiz, it continues to be my #1 lead generation strategy. I’ve tested it against free challenges, professionally designed guides, content upgrades, and more. It’s directly responsible for bringing in over 100K leads and several hundred thousand dollars of sales in my business. 

Kaye Putnam

Why we like this quiz: Quiz-product fit – Kaye’s business is built around helping businesses align their brand with their personality. Her quiz helps people find their brand personality. It is perfectly fitted to her business and she does an excellent job of connecting up all the outcomes to her offers. Read more about Kaye’s quiz here.

Take the brand personality quiz.

Kaye putnam quiz

#7 Tonic Site Shop: What’s your brand cocktail?

Jen Headshot

We were able to harness over 1,000 new leads in one month with our quizwhich proved this was our best opt-in strategy ever.

Jen Olmstead, Co-founder at Tonic Site Shop

Why we like this quiz: Recall – Tonic Site Shop is a web design template shop. They are very impressively in the middle of E-Commerce and tech. However, the market is crowded, and their Brand Cocktail quiz really creates strong recall. Read more about Tonic’s quiz experience here.

Take the brand cocktail quiz.

Brand cocktail quiz tonic site shop 850px

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#7 Bird Watching HQ: Bird identification quiz

scott keller

My email collection ratio was close to 2-3%, after I implemented the quiz I was suddenly getting 500-600% better conversions.

Scott Keller, Founder – Bird Watching HQ

Why we like this quiz: List growth – Bloggers often attract huge amounts of traffic but struggle with growing their email lists. That was what Scott told us he was experiencing before introducing his lead generation quiz. After implementing the quiz, his list has grown from 2,000 to 70,000 which is massive growth. We love seeing quizzes doing work in collaboration with awesome content creators like Scott.

Take the bird identification quiz.

bird watching hq quiz

#8 Zafira Rajan: What’s your brand’s core essence?

Since launching my quiz, my business has flourished with thousands of new customers and community members that immediately feel so taken care of — and it’s worked hard for me in the background all organically. People are constantly telling me how much fun it was to take and share it with others. What I love most about my quiz is being able to tailor and tweak my follow-up email funnels based on when I’m launching programs throughout the year without having to overhaul everything. It’s the most flexible, adaptable and successful lead generator in my business!”

Zafira Rajan, Founder

Why we like this quiz: Unique. This quiz speaks to what makes your brand so unique: you! This is different from your typical branding quiz because it digs deep into who you are as a business owner. It’s the perfect entryway into Zafira’s services without pushing the sale too hard. She allows you to get to know her first.

Take the core essence quiz.

#9 Quinn Tempest: What’s your entrepreneurial purpose?

Since the launch of my quiz in 2019, it has been taken 18,000 times and generated 11,000 new subscribers to my email list. Those humans have not only become valuable members of my paid community but have also engaged my 1:1 services. Beyond the bottom-line results, the quiz has proven to be a powerful tool, influencing entrepreneurs seeking to tap into deeper emotional drive for their businesses and spreading my message of purposeful entrepreneurship far and wide.

Quinn Tempest, Founder

Why we like this quiz: Inspiring. Quinn Tempest’s quiz touches on the “why” so they can understand and figure out what their purpose is. Quizzes aren’t just about collecting leads. It’s about having meaningful conversations with your audience.

Take the entrepreneurial purpose quiz.

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#10 Hope Taylor: Let me type your welcome email

This quiz has generated over 1,000 organic leads for my signature email marketing course. The personalized results and targeted marketing allow us to convert drastically higher sales compared to our other lead magnets!

Hope Taylor, Founder

Why we like this quiz: Clarity. With quiz copy, choose clarity over cleverness every time. Hope Taylor does not beat around the bush. She gets straight to the point with a very specific offer. This quiz is a perfect example of collecting market data in your quiz while offering value to the quiz taker.

Take the welcome email quiz.

#11 Erica from Big Cat Creative: What website style is perfect for your unique biz?

The quiz has been running for just over a year now, and we’ve had over 4,000 people take it! That’s pretty impressive, considering we’ve used a really ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ approach. The quiz doesn’t get the promo it deserves, but it’s still bringing in the most subscribers we’ve ever seen in that amount of time compared to other lead magnets.

Erica, Founder – Big Cat Creative

Why we like this quiz: Branding and Personalization. As a Squarespace template designer, Erica from Big Cat Creative has a perfectly branded quiz design. The quiz questions focus on the customer with questions about their specific style. This method adds personalization to the quiz and makes the quiz taker feel special.

Take the website style quiz now.

#12 Dawn Richardson: Which mac should I buy?

TechSavvyCreativeBranding 1024

I turned my most asked question into a quiz, and now in just a few clicks my audience can see which Mac best fits their needs. Since our quiz launch, we’ve helped over 700 creatives find the right computer for them!

Dawn Richardson, Founder – Tech Savvy Creative

Why we like this quiz: Simplicity. Dawn’s quiz does not overcomplicate the journey for her audience. She starts by answering a simple question, “Which Mac should you buy so you can do your job well?”. Then she expands on that in her results so that her new subscribers and audience can get the resources and help they need for their businesses. This helps the end user get the answer they need quickly, but will keep coming back for more help long after taking the quiz.

Take the mac quiz here.

Screenshot 2024 02 28 at 5.01.41 PM

#13 Nina Clapperton: Which country should you live in?

My quiz singlehandedly scaled my email list from making $0 per newsletter to at least $1,000 per! All from organic leads I get on autopilot each month.

Nina Clapperton, Founder – Nina Out and About

Why we like this quiz: Curated. This is not your average travel quiz. The questions in Nina’s quiz are thoughtful. Each question is straightforward but offers variety so you don’t get a result that’s too similar to another. Quizzes work best when the quiz taker feels connected to the result they get.

Take the country quiz here.

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