How the Red Cross Educates Their Audience with a Quiz

A lead-generation quiz serves many purposes and can be especially useful when it educates an audience about a topic (hello, school!). The Red Cross uses many quizzes to drive engagement and awareness for home safety. This post will cover the Red Cross fire preparedness quiz, “The Great Escape: Are You Prepared for a Home Fire?”

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Hot Quiz: The Great Escape: Are You Prepared for a Home Fire?

This trivia-style Red Cross quiz measures how much quiz-takers know about fire preparedness. Trivia-style quizzes assess people’s knowledge to recommend products or services. 

The Red Cross implements many types of educational quizzes across their content—all to educate on disaster preparedness. This particular quiz on fire preparedness lives under the Red Cross’s Home Fire Safety section of their website. 

The Great Escape Quiz has eight questions covering the importance of smoke alarms and home readiness to detect a fire. Because the quiz is trivia-style, each question contains a “correct answer” and an explanation. When quiz-takers answer correctly, they get a green screen. When they answer incorrectly, they get a red screen. 

The results pages in this quiz give great tips on preparing yourself and your family for a home fire. The quiz results also provide links to download the Red Cross’s Home Fire Safety Checklist and Home Fire Escape Plan. 

At the bottom of the quiz are social share buttons, a link to make a donation, and the quiz’s answer key to review the questions and answers.

Why We Love This Quiz

We love that the Red Cross educates its audience with quizzes throughout its website content. It’s a great way to engage people about topics that aren’t discussed nearly enough. The Red Cross crafted this quiz in a way that does not reprimand people for their lack of knowledge.

The Great Escape Quiz is informational, with quick questions that don’t require a lot of thought. Instead, the questions are easy to understand, keeping people engaged. Quiz-takers can easily assess the questions in the moment, without having to look around the house.

Understandable questions that are easy to answer are essential for keeping quiz-takers engaged. The Red Cross takes this one step further by providing correct answers with each question. Then, they include an answer key on the results page at the end of the quiz.

Additionally, on the results pages, the quiz-taker receives a “fire safety review” that provides fire safety basics and a checklist and instructions for creating a plan to prepare their home. 

The Great Escape Quiz does not have an explicit call to action to donate; however, the “donate now” button is always visible on the screen throughout the quiz. Finally, the quiz results include social share links to encourage people to share the quiz with their family and friends.

How to Implement a Quiz that Educates Your Audience

You can craft a quiz to educate your audience by establishing what you want quiz-takers to get from the quiz. Ask yourself, “What problem am I helping them solve in this quiz?” Generally, the answer is what you provide as a product or service.

Once you have an idea of your quiz topic, use ChatGPT to convert your existing content into a quiz that educates your audience. Then, do the following to complete your quiz:

  1. Log in to your account in the Interact builder
  2. Select “Assessment” style for the feature to set correct answers
  3. Paste your copy

Before publishing your new quiz, customize it to your brand and integrate it with your email marketing platform to start collecting leads.


The Red Cross educates its audience with a quiz by using questions that are easy to answer on the spot. Then, they use the results pages to further educate on home fire safety by providing special tips and downloadable content for later review. 
A lead-generation quiz can drive engagement and awareness while it educates your audience. You can accomplish this by implementing a trivia-style quiz with Interact. Use ChatGPT to draft your quiz questions and results, or request a quiz from InteractAI.

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