Use ChatGPT to Convert Any Written Content into a Trivia Quiz

We’ll let you in on a little secret: a prompt you can use in ChatGPT to convert any written content into a trivia quiz. Don’t skip this opportunity to transform your existing content into an exciting quiz experience. 

When to use a Knowledge or Trivia Quiz 

Use a knowledge or trivia quiz when all the questions in your quiz have a correct answer. With Interact, there are two ways to display the correct answer: 

  • Show correct answers after quiz-takers answer each question.
  • Show a results sheet with a complete list of correct answers at the end of the quiz.

Let’s look at what wouldn’t work in a knowledge-style or trivia quiz. Consider the question, “What stage of business are you in?” for example. This question does not have a wrong answer. If your quiz-taker selected “Just getting started,” it would be pretty awkward if you told them they answered incorrectly. 

Below is a great example of a knowledge test from the American Red Cross that teaches people about preparedness for home fires.

Quiz-takers learn a lot during this quiz because it lets them know the right answer right after they select their answer choice. 

Are you ready to make your knowledge test or trivia quiz? Let’s open ChatGPT and check out the prompt we use. 

Use ChatGPT to Convert Any Written Content into a Trivia Quiz

Let’s dive into the prompt you can use in ChatGPT to convert any written content into a trivia quiz. First, look at the entire prompt, then dive deeper into its parts. 


Read this text and identify the main topic. 

[Insert link to article, website, or PDF]

Based on the main topic, create a quiz with: 
-6 questions 
-3 answer choices per question 
-3 outcomes 

Follow this quiz format. 

<Quiz Format>

Quiz Title: 

Choose one of these options.

How (behavioral attribute related to topic) are you?
Are you a (behavioral attribute related to topic)?
What’s your level of (behavioral attribute related to topic)?
Do you have (behavioral attribute related to topic)?
Are your (effect of topic on individual) playing a role in (aspect of life)?
Are you ready to (behavior change related to attribute)?

Question 1
Answer A: (Answer Text) 
Answer B: (Answer Test) 
Answer C: (Answer Text)

Correct answer explanation: (one sentence explaining why this is the correct answer) 
Outcome 1 
Outcome 1 score range: (X-X) 
Outcome 1 explanation: Three sentences describing this outcome and providing specific, 
small steps someone can take to increase their knowledge. 

</Quiz format>

First, put the prompt in the system section, and then ask ChatGPT to read the text and identify the main topic.

This is where you should place your website, a link to your article, or your PDF. 

Now, because we know we want to make a knowledge quiz, the rest of the prompt details the correct format. As you can see below, we included which answer should be correct in the format.

It even explains why an answer is correct. 

After submitting the prompt, your quiz will come fully built out in the assistant section.

Based on the article we pasted in the prompt, ChatGPT suggested the title, “How much do you know about building a lead-generation quiz?”

We asked for six questions in the prompt, which we got. It also shows the correct answer and gives an explanation. 

ChatGPT will also give you three different outcomes with score ranges to categorize or segment people into one of your outcomes.  

Let’s take a look at next steps! 

Make, customize, and optimize your AI quiz in Interact 

It’s time to transfer the quiz information from ChatGPT to your Interact account so you can start building your quiz. This allows you to customize the quiz exactly to your liking and start offering it to your audience so they can subscribe to your email list.

We will also add this fun trivia quiz to our website as a popup: 

This way, before somebody digs into the course, they can test their knowledge and gain confidence in how much they might already know. If they score low on this trivia quiz, the popup can point them to specific course sections that would be most helpful.

We can also recommend our AI service, knowing they’ve never created a lead-generation quiz. If these quiz-takers were to start with an AI version of the quiz, they could customize it more easily. All the best practices of using a quiz are already included in the basic quiz they’re getting from AI. 

It’s okay if your quiz-takers score low on these quizzes—you still give them the correct answers. The entire time they’re taking your quiz, they’re learning more about the topic.

Before publishing the quiz, feel free to add an image to the quiz result pages:

The photo above is a GIF we used to make someone feel confident about their score. 

Another great item to add to your results page is the next steps your quiz-taker should take: 

The next step for this quiz result would be to check out the results section of the specific quiz course. 

Then, if you’re stuck on your call to action, we included an option to have a quiz made for you.

This quiz already includes the best practices you can then use to customize your own quiz.

Wrap Up on Using ChatGPT to Convert Any Written Content into a Trivia Quiz

Make, customize, and optimize a trivia style or knowledge quiz for your business! Whether you’re making a quiz to assess knowledge or introduce a new topic, quizzes can be a fun and interactive medium for information delivery. If you haven’t started yet, head to our AI quiz maker and have a quiz built for you. 

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