Make Product Recommendation Quizzes with ChatGPT

This guide covers how to generate a product quiz with ChatGPT (OpenAI), importing to Interact for lead generation capability, editing to humanize the content, and publishing to Shopify, social media, or any website. Special thank you to Henry’s House of Coffee for letting us use them as an example in this guide.

There are three main ways to make product recommendation quizzes with ChatGPT.

  1. Simple: Make a general product recommendation quiz for your store
  2. Advanced: Make a specific product recommendation quiz for a set of products you choose
  3. Custom: Make a product recommendation quiz idea you already have

No matter which option you choose, you will follow the same set of four steps to make your quiz with ChatGPT.

  1. Generate quiz with ChatGPT
  2. Import quiz into Interact
  3. Edit quiz to humanize it
  4. Publish your quiz

1. Generate quiz content with ChatGPT

Link to full Prompt Google Doc updated weekly

Use OpenAI Playground with temperature set to .49 for best results. ChatGPT works too.

Overview of the three methods.

Simple: You put in your online store title and description. Then you add instructions and an ideal output format for ChatGPT, it creates a general quiz for you.

Pros: Quick, minimal effort.

Cons: Lacks your voice, requires more humanizing, requires you to add products to outcomes.

Advanced: You put in specific products/descriptions you want included as recommendations. Then you add instructions and an ideal output format for ChatGPT, it creates a quiz recommending the right products out of the options you give it.

Pros: Give specific product recommendations, speaks in your voice

Cons: Requires you to choose products and copy/paste product descriptions

Custom: You give ChatGPT a specific product recommendation quiz title, instructions, and an ideal output format, it creates a quiz template you can edit.

Pros: Super quick if you already know what quiz you want, gets you past “blank screen” effect

Cons: Requires knowledge of quiz creation

All prompts are in the doc embedded below and updated regularly.

2. Import quiz content into Interact

Simply copy/paste the generated quiz into Interact. In the future this will be done automatically with InteractAI, join the waitlist.

3. Editing checklist to humanize your quiz

Quiz Title (3-15 words)

What do you ask new customers to start a conversation about what they are looking for? Speak in your voice.

Quiz Cover Photo

Search for “Your Product” or use your own photo of products/people

Quiz Short Description (5-25 words)

What do customers say about why it is important that they find the right product? Speak in your customers voice.

“Take quiz” button color

Same color you use for buttons on your website

Quiz Questions (4-7 questions, 3-20 words per question text)

What questions do you ask to help a customer find the best product for who they are and what they care about? Speak in your voice.

Quiz answer choices (2-6 answer choices per question, 1-15 words per answer choice)

How do customers respond when you ask them questions about who they are and what they care about? Speak in your customers voice.

Images for quiz questions.

Alternate between:

  1. Text question with image answer choices – search for each answer choice summarized in 1-3 words
  2. Image question with text answer choices – search for each each question summarized in 1-3 words
  3. Use all text questions and answers when images don’t make sense

Quiz opt-in form

Heading (3-10 words)

Why would a customer want to be on your email list? Speak in your voice.

Sub-heading (5-15 words)

What customers say is valuable about being on your email list. Speak in your customers voice.

Quiz outcomes

  1. Is this how I would describe this product recommendation to a customer in real life? Speak in your voice.
  2. Are these the products I would pull off the shelf to show to the customer?

Call to action button

Which product or products would I tell a customer with this outcome to buy? Link to that product/those products

4. Publish to Shopify, Social Media, any website

Here are the most common ways brands promote their product quizzes.

  1. Embed quiz in Shopify
  2. Use quiz as popup in Shopify
  3. Share quiz on social platforms
  4. Embed quiz on any website

Product Quiz I made with ChatGPT and Edited with my voice

Based on Henry’s House of Coffee using specific product choices.

What I edited: short description, scoring system, images I chose, result links

What’s original: title, Outcomes, questions, answer choices

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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