Henry’s House of Coffee Reached a 68% Conversion Rate with a Product Recommendation Quiz

What inspired you to create a coffee matchmaker quiz?

We created a quiz for Henry’s House of Coffee in February 2020, right before the pandemic hit. It ended up being great timing in many ways!

Through the years, we’ve seen how coffee is more of a consultative product than a strictly consumable product. Potential customers often need more information and guidance before they feel comfortable enough to make a purchase.

We sought to differentiate ourselves from other coffee roasting companies by creating an engaging customer experience through a coffee matchmaker quiz

When visitors land on our site, they always want to learn about our brand story, history, culture, and heritage. Once they have this information and build more trust with us, they next ask what coffee blend they should start with.

We needed an easy way to digitally recommend products to our growing audience, and that’s where the quiz came in.

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Key Takeaway: If you run an e-Commerce shop like Hrag and Henry, creating an online quiz could help promote your products. Quizzes create an automated customer journey that personally recommends products to each customer based on their needs and tastes. Once you put in the initial work in setting up your quiz, it will run entirely on autopilot. 

What were your initial goals for the quiz?

Our high-level goal was to reduce the number of direct messages and customer questions we received. It took hours every week to answer each potential customer, which wasn’t an efficient use of our time.

Sending back-and-forth email responses feels so archaic, and it’s not how people shop anymore. It helps to have a quiz we can direct people to that automatically generates an answer on our behalf.

Also, we can measure our goal progress by looking at our Interact analytics dashboard, which tells us exactly how our audience is engaging with the quiz. We can see how they’re traveling through the funnel and make improvements based on what we learn.

Key Takeaway: Before crafting your quiz, consider what you hope it will accomplish. Do you want to grow your email list, recommend products, or simply create a lasting impression with new audience members? Consider how you want to use the quiz, and keep your goals in mind as you create your quiz content.

What kind of results have you seen from the quiz?

In the last month, we’ve seen more than 30 customers use the coupon code that’s offered after completing the quiz. This doesn’t include the customers who take the quiz, skip the email opt-in form, and go straight to their results.

We’re happy to report that 68% of people who have started the funnel have completed it in the last month. We’ve experimented with Facebook ads in the past, but most of our quiz traffic is organic.

While the numbers are great, we love how much time the quiz saves us. I personally save at least a couple of hours each month with the quiz, which gives me more time to focus on projects that move the business forward.

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Key Takeaway: Instead of only looking at the numbers, think about how a quiz could help you save hours of manual work. While it takes time to get your quiz set up, it will certainly pay off—as it did for Hrag—once the whole experience is automated and streamlined.

Why do you think your quiz has been so successful?

We haven’t been afraid to make tweaks and reiterations to the funnel. From the beginning, we wanted to test our quiz content in the background so we could refine it before we launched.

In our first few tests, we used sample customers who already knew their tastes. That way, we could decipher if the quiz was giving them accurate results. We also asked friends and family members for their preferences, helping us narrow down our questions further. 

Another way the quiz has been successful is that we give a $5 off coupon code to anyone who signs up for our email list from the quiz. Giving our audience an incentive to shop with us has helped increase conversions.

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Key Takeaway: Offering an incentive for joining your email list is a great way to increase your conversions! You may want to give your audience an exclusive coupon code, like Hrag did, or give them limited-time access to one of your digital products. No matter what you decide to use, make sure it feels like they’re getting something of value for free!

Why did you decide to use just five questions?

Before working with my dad at Henry’s House of Coffee, I worked at a financial consultancy. At the time, my boss always talked about how overwhelmed our brains get when we’re trying to process data. 

He recommended grouping data in groups of three or five whenever possible. I applied this same concept to our quiz when I chose five questions. Having three questions felt too tight, but five questions allowed us to provide correct results while reducing distractions.

We felt if we used too many questions, we’d risk the customer feeling bored. With the nature of our product, it’s more important for our audience to move quickly through the quiz funnel so they can make a confident purchase decision.

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Key Takeaway: While we usually recommend quiz creators use seven to ten questions in their quiz, it’s better to determine what’s best for your audience. By testing quiz questions upfront and getting rid of distractions, Hrag was able to create a quiz that performs well with his audience. It’s best to treat our recommendations as thoughtful suggestions rather than strict rules.

How did you decide to display your quiz results?

To reduce the number of actions a quiz-taker needs to make, we decided to direct them to a product category page on our website based on their quiz result type.

This page displays their tastes and recommends a few coffee blends they may enjoy. Since Interact works well with Shopify, we can keep people on our website longer since everything is hosted on Shopify.

Each quiz result type page shows the top three product recommendations and a few customer reviews, so quiz-takers know exactly what to expect. Then, the quiz-taker has the information they need to make a purchase right at the highest point of desire and interest, leading to more conversions.

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Key Takeaway: By highlighting specific products Hrag and Henry recommend, first-time customers easily find what they need and make an immediate purchase. To take this a step further, create personality-infused quiz result landing pages that go more in-depth with the person’s results and personality traits.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for new quiz creators?

If you aren’t sure which questions to ask your audience, try role-playing and consult with clients or even family and friends. Have a conversation with them and think in the back of your mind what kind of questions to ask.

Also, make sure you’re not giving your audience too many options to choose from, which can lead to decision fatigue as people experience the paradox of choice.

We have over 25 coffee varieties, so we needed to narrow down our product recommendations. The 80/20 rule comes into play here, which says 80% of your sales will often come from 20% of your products. The same is likely true for you, so it’s good to keep this in mind when recommending products.

Above all else, get creative and have fun with the process!

What is the best quiz for you business?

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