How Ashley Beaudin Revamped Her Quiz for More Conversions

Why did you decide to revamp your self-sabotage quiz?

I redid my self-sabotage quiz because I wanted to expand it with the deeper awareness and compassion for self-sabotage I’ve gained from working with 1:1 clients over the last year. 

I also knew I wanted to continue niching my audience down to those interested in how self-sabotage operates, specifically in business. I wanted to attract people curious about building a gentle business and show them how doing so can support the healing of self-sabotage. 

Lastly, I wanted to segment my email list with each of the eight quiz results, which I didn’t do the first time.

quiz cover after Ashley revamped her quiz
Key Takeaway: When thinking about revamping your quiz, identify which elements you’d like to adapt. Like Ashley, you may keep some information the same while elevating the quiz experience in other ways. Think about what areas of the quiz you can improve, how to streamline your current quiz, and what your audience wants more of. Then you can create an even better quiz-taking experience!

How did you determine which elements to keep and which to edit?

I knew I wanted to keep the basic structure of the quiz the same because it did really well during my first quiz launch. Regarding what to keep, I knew I needed a similar quiz strategy that led to a quiz results landing page and a PDF workbook. 

Other than that, almost every other element of the quiz had to be edited. I adapted the quiz so I could specifically speak to the heart of an entrepreneur, starting with the quiz questions. Even though the main nine result types stayed the same, the presentation of each type and the information within the types became much more specific.

quiz result with effects on your business
Key Takeaway: Before you revamp your quiz, look into your analytics and reassess your quiz marketing funnel. Are people dropping off at the point of email conversion or when you make your sales pitch? Are quiz-takers engaging more with specific questions? The data will tell a story, helping you identify what needs to change. Ashley modeled this by making quick decisions on what elements were worth keeping.

What feedback have you received from the newly launched quiz? Any metrics you’d like to share?

The feedback on the revamped quiz has been amazing! 

Because of niching, it narrowed my audience of quiz-takers but also created deeper resonance. This deeper resonance has led to more quiz-takers signing up for my membership and 1:1 coaching than my last quiz, which is what really matters.

The comprehensive quiz results and PDF guide have inspired quiz-takers so much that they’ve started to print the guide and refer to it as they build a compassionate lens of self-awareness. 

While this revamped quiz had lower numbers than the initial launch, it has had a bigger impact and led to more income because of its specificity.

Interact analytics showing 42% starts to lead conversion rate
Key Takeaway: While it’s amazing to have thousands of people take your quiz, it’s even better when you can use it to convert the most engaged quiz-takers. If you think you need a big existing audience to create an effective quiz, Ashley will inspire you to think again! It’s better to put your energy into niching down your quiz and adding lots of value. That way, when you work on promoting your quiz, you’ll have full confidence in your quiz funnel.

What changes did you make to your quiz result landing pages?

When recreating the landing pages, I updated the layout and design to match the elevation of my visual brand that’s happened over the last year. 

I repurposed a lot of the information originally found in the PDF guide for the landing pages so that quiz-takers would see this important information sooner. Doing this made the PDF guide even more comprehensive and helpful for quiz-takers.

promoting the Self-Sabotage Playbook after Ashley revamped her quiz

I wanted to really highlight the core belief of each self-sabotage type on my landing pages (like this!). It was important to speak deeply to the heart of the individual receiving their quiz results.

core belief from quiz result page

I also decided to play with a Tripwire strategy that instantly offers a low-priced product: a pre-recorded masterclass on how to heal your self-sabotage, as well as mini-classes for each type. There’s also a webinar funnel to pitch my membership, The Gentle Business, similar to what I had in my first quiz launch.

invitation to The Gentle Business Masterclass as a tripwire
Key Takeaway: To add even more value to your quiz, take time to create comprehensive quiz result landing pages that speak directly to each type’s characteristics. Name their hopes, strengths, fears, setbacks, and best growth opportunities. Doing this will create a stronger connection with each quiz-taker and make them feel like you deeply understand who they are.

Why did you decide to switch your main offer?

I decided to switch my main offer because of the niching of the quiz audience. The original offer was a generalized membership for healing self-sabotage.

The new offer focuses specifically on teaching how to cultivate a gentle business. I see it as a way of creating safety in your business versus using self-sabotage to attain it. While it may seem like a subtle shift to most, it felt significant for me. 

new offer from Ashley Beaudin
Key Takeaway: To masterfully edit your quiz, you don’t have to change the topic completely. Instead, pivot how you approach the subject of your quiz. It will make a world of difference as you continue to evolve your work.

What challenges did you face when revamping your quiz?

One of the big challenges was fearing that because I was launching a new version of an existing quiz, some people might pass on it or get confused—mostly because they would think they already took it—but the updated content and experience would be very different. 

I tried to work with this by highlighting that it was an “all-new” quiz on social media and listing all the new things. This seemed to help!

Internally, I dealt with a fear that the numbers wouldn’t be as high. In my initial quiz launch, they were wildly high (with over 3,000 people taking my quiz in a week), and so, I was posturing a bit for disappointment. It took some positive self-talk and self-compassion to remind myself that bigger numbers don’t always mean bigger impact. And that’s definitely been true for me.

promoting quiz on social media
Key Takeaway: Instead of getting distracted by numbers, think about making quiz content even more valuable for your quiz-takers. Even though it’s exciting to have a fun, flashy quiz launch, it’s even better to sustain momentum with consistent quiz promotion on social media, at events, and more.

What’s your best advice for people who want to revamp their quiz?

As our brands evolve and our expertise deepens, I think taking the space to refresh a quiz is powerful. It keeps the quiz aligned with your message, brand, and offerings, which makes it more of a magnetic lead magnet

Also, it’s important to communicate why you are refreshing your quiz. Giving people a behind-the-scenes look at the direction you’re taking really invites them into the process.

What is the best quiz for you business?

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