How to Use a Webinar With a Quiz

Many entrepreneurs use webinars to sell their products and services not because they’re popular but because they really work.

Video makes it easier to create a fast yet long-lasting connection with your audience. By showing up on camera, you can teach multiple people at once, increasing your brand’s reach. 

With the average webinar conversion rate sitting around 55%, it’s no wonder more business owners are using quizzes to drive more leads to their webinars.

If you’re hoping to generate more leads and sales in a short period, a quiz-related webinar funnel could be a great fit for your business. While webinars and quizzes work well for live launches, you can also repurpose the content, so it has evergreen value.

To start earning more money online, let’s explore a few examples and talk about the many benefits of quizzes and webinar marketing. 

How to utilize webinar marketing with a quiz

With almost 95% of marketers saying webinars are an important part of their digital marketing strategy, it’s time to invest in creating a webinar funnel of your own.

Webinars provide a private space to share more information with your audience and teach them what they want to know. The more your webinar content resonates with your audience, the more likely they will be to buy from you.

Webinars naturally attract high-quality leads because only those most interested will spend time attending your live webinar or watching the recording. However, you need to find a sustainable way to bring more people to your webinar. Enter quizzes.

No matter what your goal is for your webinar, you can accomplish it with a quiz. In this article, I’ll break down three ways to use quizzes and webinars together. Let’s start with live webinars.

Increase sign-ups for live webinars 

Are you nervous about hosting a live webinar or worried not enough people will tune in? To increase your event registrations, use a quiz to introduce your webinar topic!

Quizzes are a form of interactive marketing that lead to an average conversion rate of 40-60%, compared to other lead magnets, which land around 5-15%. You can also repurpose content from your webinar or blog to create your quiz, making it easier to get up and running.

With a large social media following of over 400,000 followers, Tallene of PCOS Weight Loss wanted to find a simple way to entice followers to sign up for her email list. A quiz seemed like the perfect way to introduce new information while persuading people to sign up for her live webinar!

Insulin Resistance quiz result to show that you can use a webinar with a quiz

With a straightforward quiz and a short description for each result type, it’s clear that Tallene’s goal was for quiz-takers to attend her webinar to learn more about their PCOS diagnosis. 

During the live webinar, Tallene shared a variety of slides that detailed each of the four PCOS types from the quiz. At the end, she pitched a four-week meal and workout plan for women with PCOS—affectionately called her “cysters.” Packed with bonuses, Tallene made this limited-time offer a no-brainer. 

Now that Tallene’s live launch is over, she still uses her quiz to drive leads to her webinar. When someone takes Tallene’s quiz, a countdown clock lets them know she has a WebinarJam webinar recording starting in 15 minutes.

Invitation to webinar in 15 minutes on quiz result

This is an excellent example of turning a live launch into an evergreen sales funnel

To drive consistent traffic to your quiz, consider creating fun and engaging social media content. Tallene did this by creating Instagram Reels and posts introducing her quiz, giving a little teaser of the PCOS types, and stating a clear CTA to take the quiz in her bio.

You can do the same by creating social media posts that point to your quiz. Think about how you can personify each quiz result type—have fun with it!

Give access to a free training

Are you looking for a better way to build an immense amount of trust with your audience? One way to do this is by offering exclusive access to free video masterclasses at the end of your quiz.

If you’re selling a high-ticket program or product, this strategy is for you. The more trust you can build in this stage of the client nurturing process, the better.

By creating a fun 80’s-style pricing persona quiz, copywriter Tarzan Kay added a unique touch to her website. Instead of leading with a simple checklist or PDF, she focuses on creating a relationship with new visitors through her quiz.

Tarzan Kay quiz cover

After someone takes the quiz, they’re taken to a quiz result landing page with more information about their pricing persona type. Toward the bottom of the page, they’ll see an invitation to save their seat and watch a free video training.

webinar invitation with quiz result

By showing up on video and teaching what she knows, Tarzan gives upfront value, hoping to sell more of her products and programs.

Through the quiz, Tarzan has been able to triple her email list in just one year, going from 3,000 subscribers to over 9,000 subscribers. Since the average lifetime value of her most engaged email subscribers is around $25 per subscriber, the quiz helps her attract more subscribers and more income!

She can use the quiz to increase sign-ups for future live webinars, like Tallene, or offer pre-recorded, easily accessible webinars. 

Sell pre-recorded webinars after the quiz

Pre-recorded webinars—also called workshops or masterclasses—can be an advantageous stream of revenue for your business. Before you pitch this type of webinar, you’ll want to lead with your quiz content.

This strategy usually works best for entrepreneurs who want to brand themselves as coaches or educators. When selling pre-recorded webinars, try leading with a low-priced offer that makes it easy to convert incoming leads. 

This is exactly what coach Ashley Beaudin did with her self-sabotage quiz.

self-sabotage type quiz cover

After designing quiz result landing pages with lots of valuable information, she invites quiz-takers to explore their type even further with a workshop bundle. 

In the bundle, quiz-takers receive access to two 45-minute training webinars. One workshop defines self-sabotage and how to heal it, while the other covers each of the self-sabotage types in more detail.

example of selling a webinar with a quiz

The first version of Ashley’s quiz helped her generate over 3,000 subscribers in less than a week during a live launch for her membership. She used a live webinar, like Tallene, when launching the first quiz. 

While she surpassed her membership goal after the live webinar, she felt the quiz needed an update to optimize evergreen sales. That’s when she decided to record video trainings that could be readily available for all quiz-takers.

Whenever a quiz-taker decides to purchase a workshop bundle, it gives Ashley more passive income and opportunities to educate her audience. 

At such an affordable price point, these pre-recorded webinars are a deeper introduction to Ashley and her work. As trust builds, she can guide more subscribers to her high-ticket offers, like her new Gentle Business membership and 1:1 coaching packages.

Creating a quiz that highlights your webinar

Now that you’ve seen three proven strategies that help increase webinar sign-ups and purchases with a quiz, it’s your turn to put it into practice.

First, think about the topic of your webinar and how it relates to the topic of the quiz you want to create. Make sure the webinar and quiz topic ties into the main offer you want to sell or the goal you want to achieve.

Then, it’s time to brainstorm and start creating your quiz content. Start by signing up for a free trial of Interact and enrolling in our free Build Your List With a Quiz course!

In the free course, we’ll walk you through every step of creating your quiz, so you never have to wonder if you’re on the right track. 

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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