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Want to make your own Food quiz? Use Interact Quiz Builder

When a user reaches your quiz results, you have their full attention in a way that is nearly unparalleled in content marketing. People are extremely curious about their quiz results because they are based off of personal information and the quiz result affects the ego of the person taking the quiz.

That means quiz takers are in a perfect position to continue interacting with your brand after seeing their results. It’s your responsibility to provide an easy and attractive further interaction so that people will continue looking into your product or service.

1. Promote an app.

Apps, whether on the web or for mobile, need a bit of a push before they take off (unless you get quite lucky). You can harness the entertainment power of a quiz to help get your app the exposure it needs to really get noticed.

We recently worked with the Red Cross to create a quiz “Do you actually know how to swim?” to promote their new swim app. Every result provides suggestions based on how much you know about swimming safety along with a link to download the Red Cross Swim App, which turns learning how to swim into a game.

promote an app

2. Offer up more content.

Personalized content recommendations receive 300% more click-through over non-personalized. A quiz is the perfect filter to give each person a follow-up piece of content that applies directly to them.

We worked with Forbes to create a top colleges quiz, and they provide a link to check out college recommendations based on the type of college that fits you best. The quiz they made works in tandem with their top college adviser, and they included a link in each different result that includes a search term based on the type of person you are.

This was a simple way to provide a personal experience to each person who takes the quiz without expensive software.

personalized content

3. Show a video.

Videos and quizzes run in the same vein. They are both designed primarily to entertain, and embedding videos into quiz results is an excellent way to keep the conversation going.

Check out this example quiz titled “Which American City Should you Live In?” where we embedded a video into each city result that talks about the city and what kinds of activities go on their.


4. Offer a personalized product. 

Quizzes are a perfect way to provide a personalized product recommendation for each and every person who comes to your site. Instead of spending years developing a site that offers up personalized products, just make a quiz.

We worked with Hookah e-tailer Hookah and Shisha to create a quiz “What kind of Hookah are you?” that provides a Hookah recommendation based on your personality type. Each quiz taker is provided with an image and explanation of which kind of Hookah is best for them along with a link to go and purchase that product online.


5. Build a full landing page.

The results builder is pretty robust, in that you can essentially build a full personalized landing page for each result, complete with links to purchase items. That’s what Mystery Tackle Box did with their quiz, using each result as its own page that explains the product and offers up a link to purchase it.

You can create a page with images, styles, links, and discount codes so the experience is just like you’d offer up on your website.

landing page


Want to make your own Food quiz? Use Interact Quiz Builder


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