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1. What is Your Brand Voice Style?

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#1 for a reason – this quiz has been used in some form 1000’s of times and it always brings in great results. Every business is curious what their brand voice is, and they obsess over how they are perceived by others. This quiz plays into that perfectly and makes people really curious about how their choices affect the way others view them. You can then follow up with people by offering a personalized resource for each style and sending personalized emails for each style in a drip sequence.

Inside of interact we have this (and most of the other quizzes here) as templates you can modify to your liking.


2. What Kind of An Entrepreneur Are You?

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In some way, every marketer believes they are an entrepreneur. Creating a quiz to help people discover their entrepreneurial type is an amazing way to play into that self-perception and get people thinking. From the results of this quiz you can link to any relevant resources you have that will help the person along their path.

Pro Tip: Check out another version of this quiz from Marie Forleo for some additional inspiration. Her quiz is very well put together and is great to learn from.


3. Are You a Twitter Nerd or Noob?

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This one could be translated for any platform – Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress, and more. It’s a knowledge test presented as a challenge to get marketers thinking about how much they actually know on a certain pertinent topic to their success. The process for creating a quiz like this is pretty straightforward, look up facts about a social network and then turn them into questions. For example, if Facebook as 1.4 Billion active users, the question is “How Many Active Users Does Facebook Have?” and then you repeat that process 6-10 times to create the quiz.


4. Is Blogging Right for You?

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When I used to be a marketing consultant this was one of the most common questions people would ask. I think every small business wrestles with it because blogging is well-known as an effective strategy, but it’s also a huge time investment so their are large pros and cons to it. A quiz is the perfect tool to help people make that decision and feel confident moving forward. If you have resources for people on how to get started blogging this quiz is the perfect lead-in to those.


5. What Should Your Instagram Aesthetic Be?

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If you’re marketing on Instagram you probably have a ton of questions, with a primary one being “How Should I Design My Instagram?” Because the social network is so design-heavy and brands are always worried about how they are perceived on it. No one wants to be overly sales-y on Instagram, but you also want to get business results or else it’s not worth the effort. Enter the quiz format to help you navigate that complex set of challenges and find just the right way to portray yourself.


6. What Type of Blogger are You?

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Everyone wants to know their blogging type. Are you the fun one? the informative? the social? these are important questions, especially if you’re investing a significant chunk of time into blogging you are probably super curious about what your style is. This is the perfect example of using personality quiz logic to connect with people in a professional manner because a quiz like this uses the appeal of a quiz combined with a connection back to marketing in the most smooth manner.


7. What Type of Marketer are You?

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This is the most generic, yet extremely effective marketing personality quiz you can use. It casts a hugely wide net because it appeals to anyone who works in marketing, regardless of their specific role. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. It’s good if you can sell to anyone in marketing because you’ll get leads at a super low cost, it’s bad if you need to target a specific role because this quiz will bring in people from all types of marketing rather than one in particular.


8. The Pinterest Health Check

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Another one that can be used for any social network or marketing tactic. “The (Blank) Health Check” is a knowledge quiz that gauges your level of expertise on a particular subject to figure out if you need help with it and if so, where you need help. The quiz example below was created by Rose Guthrie, Interact Certified Partner, and she has had some amazing results with it, she wrote about the process here.


9. Do You Know How to Grow Your Email List?

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This concept of “Do You Know How to (Do Something Important in Marketing)” is awesome because it not only makes people think about their skillset, but also primes you for providing a solution to learn and grow in whatever area you are testing people on. The quiz starts life as a multiple choice test, then you add in the title that turns it into a challenge and you’re off to the races!


10. Which Social Platform is Best for Your Business?

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These days every company is worried about social media, and surprisingly few have an actual social media strategy. One of the biggest struggles I’ve seen brands fight with in regards to social media is not knowing what platform to start with. They will often try to tackle all of them at once, get exasperated, and give up, which isn’t a great approach. A quiz like this helps point businesses in exactly the right direction to make the most of limited resources when it comes to social media marketing.

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11. What Style of Motivation is Your Secret Weapon in Business?

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This one gets a bit more psychological because it ties motivation back to business, and I love it. This brings up a great concept for quizzes, which is the idea of cross-topic quizzes where you use one idea to inform another idea. So in this example, you are using the idea of motivational types to inform business strengths, but you can also use any set of sort-of related topics to achieve the same concept and create some mystery around your quiz. Since curiosity is one of the main drivers of interest in quizzes this works to really drive people into your quiz.


12. What Type of Mom Blogger Are You, Actually?

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Mom blogs make up a huge portion of the marketing world and have some truly massive reach. For marketing companies that work directly with mom blogs this quiz idea is perfect. It’s an adaptation of the “What Type of Blogger are You?” quiz that has become super famous in the blogging world.

Pro Tip: This brings up a key point, which is that it’s often more beneficial to target a specific audience (mom blogs) than to try and target everyone – if you try to target everyone you mind end up with a quiz that doesn’t really apply to anyone and it will flop.


13. Is Your Website Easy to Use?

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What a great question – it’s one that REALLY matters to website owners who constantly obsess over their web presences. Present this quiz to anyone who works on a website and they won’t be able to resist it, it’s like catnip for internet marketers. Coming up with questions for a quiz like this is easy as well, just Google “conversion rate optimization best practices” and turn some of the points into questions.


14. What Type of Creative Are You?

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What I love about this quiz is that it assumes you are already creative. This is an important point because flattery is extremely effective in quizzes. Because quizzes are so personal, if you say nice things about the people who take them you’ll go far. This one in particular is awesome because it makes people feel creative and special, an all-around kickass quiz.


15. What’s Your Ideal Brand Aesthetic?

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What style should your brand take on? Again, this one goes back to people’s desire to portray themselves in a positive light. Everyone want their brand to look good, and if you tell them what their brand looks like to other people they’ll for sure eat it up. A good version of this quiz make sure that everyone feels good walking away from the quiz.


16. What Path are You On?

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Ambiguous. Sometimes this approach works best, especially if you work with a sophisticated audience that can see right through a thinly-veiled cover-up for your marketing quiz. By being non-obvious with your quiz you can make sure the quiz taker doesn’t really know how their answers connect to the results and they’ll be more honest with how they answer the questions, resulting in a more accurate quiz result overall.


17. How Intuitive are You?

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Not exactly perfectly related to marketing, but nonetheless related. This quiz can help you figure out someone’s intuition level so they can tie that back to marketing strategies. If someone is super intuitive and really understand others, then social media is a perfect marketing channel because you can post content that will resonate with your audience. If someone isn’t intuitive at all they may want to focus on analytics because you can see patterns in data without really understanding the people involved and still make good choices.


18. Do You Know These Email Marketing Acronyms?

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A knowledge test for a more advanced audience. If someone is specifically interested in email this is a fun quiz to test their knowledge. Make sure you ask super relevant questions that will challenge someone who really knows their stuff, otherwise you run the risk of coming across as not being knowledgable and kind of ruin your reputation.


19. What Kind of Content Planner are You?

This one’s awesome because it hits a very specific topic that is incredibly important to anyone working on content. Planning a content strategy is the backbone of success in blogging, without a plan you are just throwing stuff at a wall and hoping it sticks, with a plan you are strategically working towards a goal. Figuring out what type of planner you are is beneficial because it helps you optimize your time most efficiently.


 20. How Business Savvy are You?

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Savvy. What a word. In business being “savvy” can mean a lot of things, but one thing is for sure, which is that being savvy is important to long-term success. In its most common definition, savvy really correlates to your ability to navigate through new situations constantly without breaking a sweat. A quiz that finds out how savvy you are is super important.


21. How Strong is Your Brand’s Personality?

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Assuming your brand has a personality, how strong is it? Another really pertinent question that plays into people’s desire to know how they are viewed by others. For extra fun, correlate the different personalities to celebrities or animals. I.E. “Your Brand Personality is a Lion.”


22. What’s Your Next Step in Business?

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What a question! everyone wants to know what the best next step is, and this quiz will deliver with an answer. Give someone great advice and you’ve got a customer for life, and this quiz will deliver amazing advice if done right. The beauty of using a quiz for a practical purpose like figuring out the next step for a business is that you can also easily connect it back to resources your company can offer, like a training course for each of the new steps.


23. How Much Do You Actually Know About Online Marketing?

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Ah, a challenge! In the marketing world everyone thinks they know everything, and new strategies are like trading currency that are passed around like gold nuggets. Testing someone on their current level of online marketing is not only a perfect way to not only present an irresistible challenge, but also segmenting your list by levels. You can put the beginners in one bucket, the intermediate in another, and the advanced in a different category entirely so you can follow up with emails and resources that are relevant to each person’s current state.


24. Branding and Website Audit Quiz

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Purposely blandly titled, this quiz attempts to help you figure out where your blind spots are when it comes to your branding and website. This is crucial because there could be easily identifiable and quickly fixable things in your business that must be addressed if you want to really achieve long-term success. Using a quiz is the perfect way to not only help people find these holes, but also recommend your products or services to fill the issues in.


25. What Should Be Your Focus on Your Blogging Biz Right Now?

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Wouldn’t you like to know? I for one would like to. This quiz got me because it helps you save time by focusing in on the right thing at the right time to maximize productivity. A business should do one of two things. 1. Help people make more money 2. Help people save money – this quiz does #2 with ease.


26. Should You DIY or Hire a Designer?

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Super relevant question because there are so many factors that play into this one. If you need a certain level of customization then DIY isn’t going to work, and worse yet, you might end up wasting time trying to build a site yourself only to find out halfway through that you just won’t be able to do what you want to do. On the flip-side, if you hire a designer and they end up just customizing Squarespace for you that’s a massive waste of money.


27. What’s Your Content Marketing Personality?

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Are you a factual writer? or a story-driven marketer? If you know your style you can pour your time into focusing on what makes you unique. There is so much content out there these days that if you just follow what everyone else does you’ll fail and spend a ton of time doing it. However, if you find just one thing that you are the best at, there is sure to be an audience for it and you’ll find your voice much more quickly.


28. What Kind Of Instagrammer Are You?

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This one’s funny because it’s so easy to make fun of how people use Instagram to puff themselves up. I’m not saying to be negative or cut people down, but you can still enjoy yourself by writing questions like “Be honest, how many drafts do you have in Instagram right now that you’re waiting on the right time to post?” and other things like that where you show an understanding of the angst that comes with posting on Instagram.


29. What Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Business?

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Social media is huge for promotion, and this quiz is different from the other one on this list because it gives you a ranking of your top social networks rather than just one as the result. This way you can choose if you want to just do that top one, or maybe go after your top three if you have the resources to do so.


30. Which Brand Archetype Fits Your Business?

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You can have a good time with this one by tying the archetypes to celebrities, animals, or movies. Really you can do whatever you want with it but the point is you can connect a brand personality back to something we all know about and make the quiz relatable on a whole other level.


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31. Find Your Social Media “Secret Sauce”

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The mystery! What is missing from your social media strategy that if you just had would break you through all the noise and get you to the top? Many times there actually is just one thing missing from a strategy, which if you had in place would help you break through from the pack and rise above. This is a quiz that helps you find that one thing.


32. Do You Trust Yourself Enough to Run Your Biz Your Way?

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If you think about it this is such a relevant topic to any business owner. If you run your own company or even if you do marketing at a company, there are always a ton of factors pulling for your attention and trying to talk you into different strategies. The only way to really succeed in the long run is to stay true to yourself and never back down, this quiz helps you deduce if you’re in a space to take on that responsibility or not.


33. Not Sure Where to Start Your Course?

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If you’re in the marketing world and creating a course as an opt-in mechanism you’ll probably want to know where you should start, because creating a course can be a ton of work.


34. What Kind of Content Creator are You?

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This one is focused on forms of content as opposed to styles. So it will tell you whether you should spend your time creating ebooks, white papers, infographics, long-form blog posts, social media posts, or whatever your outcome is. This is equally important to knowing your style because you can spend a ton of time learning a new type of content creation with zero success if it’s just not the right fit for your strengths.


35. Should You DIY Your Website or Work With a Designer?

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The same as another example on this list, but different. This one targets new websites as opposed to the other which targets existing sites doing a redesign, different use-cases with the same quiz.


36. The Best Squarespace Template For Your Business

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This could very well be “Best Wix Template” “Best WordPress Template” any website platform or blogging platform. If you work in marketing you know that anyone setting up a new web presence has a lot of questions about what platforms to build on, and this is an important question because the platform you choose will be a huge part of all your marketing from this point forward.


37. What Does Your Design Style Say About You?

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Who are you based on your design preferences? This is a reverse-order version of other quizzes on this list that tell you what your design style is. This time you are telling the quiz about your design style and then it will tell you who you are based on that. This type of reverse quiz is really popular because it’s almost like a psychologist going into your brain and everyone is curious to know what their outcome is.


38. If Your Website Were a TV Show, Which One Would It Be?

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TV Shows are one of those things that are a great equalizer. No matter who you are there are certain shows that you can relate to, and it’s amazing to watch people from all walks of life come together at events while bonding over their favorite shows. Make a quiz about what TV show represents your site and you’ve got a shoe-in for a hit.


39. Test Your Digital Marketing Skills

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Everyone loves a good test…not. But, if you make a test that is actually relevant and pertinent to everyday life for a marketer, and you set it up in a way where you can follow up to help the person improve, then you’ve got a recipe for success in terms of drawing people in to the challenge.


40. Discover YOUR Main Income Stream

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This one’s targeted more towards solopreneur marketers, people who do all the marketing for themselves. The quiz aims to help you find just the right income stream that will take you to the next level so you don’t get stuck focusing on the wrong things. This is hyper-relevant if you’re searching for the right way to make money.


41. What’s Your Biggest Strength?

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This one could work for anyone really, but specifically with marketers you can have results like “Social Media” “Writing” “Analytics” etc. so you can help people know what they are best at and they can spend more time focusing on the things that work for them rather than just trying to do it all which we all know is impossible.


42. Do You Have the Blog-For-Profit Mindset?

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It’s a different type of challenge to try and make money from blogging as opposed to just blogging. This quiz helps you decide if you’ve got what it takes to actually make money while blogging. This is a super important thing to know because if you don’t have what it takes you could waste a lot of time and not make hardly any money.


43. What Type of Creative Entrepreneur Are You?

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This one nails the idea of flattery before the quiz even begins. First off, it assumes you are both creative and an entrepreneur, both things that people aspire to attain. Then it filters you into a type and gives advice for each outcome as well as follows up with emails personalized to each person.


44. What Platform Should You Use For Your Website?

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Choosing a platform is tough, and if you have expertise in the different types of platforms you should put it to good use and let people take your knowledge and apply it to their situations when trying to decide which platform to use.


45. Are You Marketing Your Business Like You Should?

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Tough question, the answer is probably no, because if you were then you’d be growing super fast. Love this quiz for how blunt it is and how you can easily tie it into educational materials supplied by you and then follow up with people by email based on how well they are marketing their business (beginning, intermediate, advanced, etc.)


46. What Does Your Design Style Say About Your Personality?

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If you like blue then are you cheery? I don’t know, take this quiz to find out. That’s the type of intro you can put on this quiz and you’ll get so much interest from Facebook alone that you’ll knock it out of the park. Then you can tie the personality back into the way you should do marketing and apply personalized help to each person.


47. What Is Your Instagram Style?

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Instagram is the fastest-growing social network, taking over a huge part of the market share. Marketers are trying to figure out the platform, and one of the biggest struggles is finding a unique voice in Instagram when there are so many other people competing for attention. This type of quiz can help people find their voice and stand out.


48. What Program Should You Use To Create Your Blog Graphics?

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This is such a great quiz because you can spend way to much time creating blog graphics if you don’t use the right tools. For example, if you always use Photoshop but you could just use Canva or Pablo from Buffer, then you’re spending unnecessary time on those graphics because Photoshop takes a lot longer to set things up in. This is one of those quizzes that works great for getting people further into your funnel.


49. What’s Your Freelancer Superpower?

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If you sell to freelancers this quiz makes so much sense. Everyone has a unique power that puts them above the rest and this quiz helps you find out what yours is.


50. Do You Have a Knockout Brand?

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Last but not least this quiz asks a simple but pertinent question about your brand value. Some companies have a knockout brand, others not so much, and if you take this quiz you can find out what category you fall into.


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