31 E-Commerce Quiz Examples For Inspiration

All the examples in this post are product recommendation quizzes that also generate new leads for your business. We hand-selected them so you can get ideas for how you can utilize a quiz in your E-Commerce business. Click your category below to see E-Commerce quiz examples in your industry.

If you’re looking for examples of what high-performing, product recommending, E-Commerce quizzes look like, you’re in the right place. Here at interact quiz builder we’ve helped thousands of E-Commerce businesses launch super successful quizzes for personalized product sales and list building.

This post is just going to feature examples of great product quizzes, we won’t go into strategy, but we have a full guide on quizzes for E-Commerce if you want the strategy part go check out our article “How to make a product recommendation quiz

Alcoholic Beverage quiz examples

What wine is right for you? From Make Life Dandy

The company behind this quiz makes wine from Dandelion flowers. That’s fascinating, but also new. Naturally people will wonder which flavor they should try first and will look to the company for a recommendation. So Make Life Dandy created a quiz to help people find the best wine to start with and it’s awesome.

Create your own Wine quiz with our What Wine Matches Your Personality? Quiz template.

Find your wine flavor

What Type of Beer are You? From Good Robot Brewing Company

Any beer aficionado has probably asked themselves this question at some point. A beer personality quiz is great discussion starter as well as purely practical if someone is thinking about what to get next time they come to your brewery in person or buy a six-pack.

Create your own Beer quiz with our What Kind of Beer are You? Quiz template

Which type of beer are you quiz

What’s Your Gin Personality? From Vikre Distillery

This is a regular topic of conversation for people who enjoy Gin, and now it comes in quiz form. Start the conversation with this quiz, get people on your email list, and continue the conversation on social media. It’s a win-win-win.

Create your own Gin quiz with our What Type of evil Gin-ius are You? Quiz template

What type of gin are you

Apparel/Clothing quiz examples

Find the Perfect Pair of Pants Quiz from Acai Outdoorwear

We’ve all struggled with the question of which pair of pants is the right fit. There are all sorts of factors that can affect which pair will look and feel good on us. This quiz takes part of that pain away and people love it!

Find your perfect pair of trousers quiz

Find your perfect bag From King Kong Apparel

Tell us what you’re going to use your bag for, what type of style you enjoy, and we’ll tell you which bag to buy. Pretty cool, right? That’s what you can do with a quiz, and it’s always a hit.

find your perfect bag quiz

What is your colour profile? From Esperance & Co

For clothing brands, if you want to recommend a selection of products based on which colors someone enjoys, this is a great quiz to start with. Instead of having to guess at which particular piece someone will enjoy you can give them some options that match their color palette.

Create your own color quiz with our What color is your aura? quiz template

What is your colour profile quiz

Beauty Product quiz Examples

Which Stone is Right for You? From Mount Lai

From breakthrough brand Mount Lai, this quiz helps you find the right Gua Sha stone for your personal skin care and stress relief needs. It’s very well done and takes advantage of interacts’ innovate solution for connecting a quiz to Shopify.

Mount Lai Stone Guide

Which Deodorant is Right for You? From Milk + Honey

This deodorant finder quiz is perfect. For brands that have innovative product lines there isn’t the same product knowledge that might come with the standard off-the-shelf options, so even if people are interested in your products they might face decision fatigue. Help them overcome that with a quiz.

Which deodorant is right for you

Do you know your Fragrance Personality? From DEFINEME

Custom fragrances sell for a lot of money, you can emulate the same type of experience by offering a personalized fragrance recommendation based on how someone answers the questions on this quiz.

What is your fragrance personality quiz

Find the Perfect Menstrual Cup or Disc for You From Period Nirvana

Period Nirvana created an excellent menstrual cup/disc recommender that works super well to give personalized picks for which products work best based on each person’s unique preferences and needs.

period cup quiz

Which hairstyle is best for you? From Hairtural

Have you ever looked up those lists of hairstyles and browsed through hundreds of photos of styles you could pick from? Most of us probably have at some point, and this quiz takes all the guess-work out of the process with a go-to style recommender.

Hairstyle quiz

Candle quiz examples

Which candle fragrance are you? From Modern Theory

This quiz helps people find the right fragrance based on their preferences. Personalized recommendations like this are incredible for engagement and list building. Founder of Mondern Theory, Michelle Tu shared her story of entrepreneurship on the interact blog as well.

Make your own candle quiz with your “Which Scent of Candle Suits Your Personality?” quiz template

Candle scent quiz

Which Harlem Candles Should You Buy? From Harlem Candle Company

Help people find the right candle from your brand, not everyone knows what they want and you can increase sales by closing the gap. How many customers could you be missing out on simply because they’re having trouble deciding on a scent?

Harlem candle company quiz

Cosmetics quiz examples

Shade Match Quiz from Skinn

When you walk into a cosmetics store looking for products, one of the first steps is discovering which shade is right for your skin tone. Then you can look at products to match your shade. That’s what this quiz does, but online, and it scales to everyone, and works 24/7.

Create your own shade quiz with our “What is Your Skin Tone?” quiz template

shade match quiz skinn

Which Seint Makeup Colors Work for You? From Illuminate Beauty

Help your customers find the right colors for their personality with a quiz that matches products to color profiles. This is a great place to start, identify someone’s colors and then go to products from there.

Create your own color quiz with our “What Shade of Lipstick Matches Your Personality?” quiz template

cosmetics color quiz

What is my shade? From War Paint for Men

Men need makeup too, and this quiz helps you identify your shade so you can pick products that will actually work for your shade.

What is my shade quiz

Coffee + Tea quiz examples

Coffee Matchmaker From Henry’s House of Coffee

Imagine walking into a coffee shop and being greeted by an expert who can help you find the perfect cup (or bag of beans) for your coffee ritual. That would change the experience, instead of it being transactional, just buying your coffee, now it would be a connection full of life and joy. That’s exactly what Henry’s House of Coffee did with their quiz and it’s a wonderful experience.

Make your own coffee quiz with our What Kind of Coffee Best Suits Your Personality? quiz template

Coffee matchmaker quiz

What is your tea personality? From Piper & Leaf

There are so many options when it comes to tea, it can be overwhelming and your customers might just leave it until they can make a decision and come back. But what happens during that time they’re thinking? they might forget, or buy tea somewhere else, you don’t want people to leave and think. So help them make a decision quickly by giving a personalized recommendation.

Create your own tea quiz with our Which tea should you try next? quiz template

What is your tea personality

Home Goods quiz examples

What’s your interior design style? From Sigrid & Co.

Help people find their design style, then recommend products that match their style. Genius. It’s super easy to set up an interior design style quiz with interact and we’ve seen people build entire businesses on the success of a design style quiz.

Create your own design style quiz with our What’s your interior design style? quiz template

Whats your interior design style

What type of sleeper are you? From Tom & Dick’s

First you find your sleep style, then you find bedding that matches your sleep style. That’s what Tom & Dick’s did, and it’s really a great experience. It’s difficult to stand out in the world of bedding and this is one great way to do it.

Create your own sleep quiz with our What kind of sleeper are you? quiz template

Find your bedding quiz

Games + Toys quiz examples

Find your creature from Slumberkins

Slumberkins makes stuffed animals for emotions, really cool concept but it could be overwhelming to choose an animal because there are a lot of options. This quiz takes care of that and makes the brand more easy to connect with.

What creature are you quiz

What’s your board gaming style? From Board Game Quest

Find your board gaming style, then find games to match your style. Great for introducing people into the world of board games that could be seen as intimidating unless you show up with this quiz to help people find their best games.

board game style quiz

Jewelry quiz examples

Which ancient Goddess are you? From Common Era

Common Era is a jewelry brand that connects their pieces with goddesses, and the quiz they created reflects that because it helps you find your goddess and therefore your jewelry picks.

ancient goddess jewelry quiz

What does your jewelry style reveal about you? from Ingrid Caduri Jewelry

This is a very smart way to turn a quiz around and make it about the quiz taker, then you can recommend products based on what their jewelry style says about them. The magic with quizzes is they let people express themselves and this jewelry quiz exemplifies that.

Create your own Jewelry quiz with our What’s your jewelry style? quiz template

What does your jewelry style reveal about you

What is your ring style? From August Bespoke

You want advice ask people for money, you want money ask for their advice, or better yet help the people find advice for themselves. That’s how this quiz approaches rings, instead of telling people to buy a ring or pushing products, the quiz helps you find the right style and then gives you options so you can choose what works for you.

What is your ring style

Supplement quiz examples

What’s your dosha? From Daja life

This quiz approaches supplements through the medium of dosha. By finding your dosha you are then able to find the right supplements to help your situation improve.

Create your own Dosha quiz with our What’s Your Dosha? quiz template

whats your dosha quiz

Does your thyroid need support? From Miss Lizzy Health

Miss Lizzy Health starts by asking questions about your thyroid health and then offers up some ideas that could help with your situation. It’s a great approach to starting a conversation and getting people into your world.

thyroid quiz

Skin Care quiz examples

Skin care routine finder From Barefaced

This quiz builds a routine for you by asking about your skin care needs, preferences, and how involved you want to be. This is great for beginners and advanced customers alike because there’s alway something new you can learn.

Skin care routine finder

What’s your body skin type? From Esker Beauty

There is a very natural path from knowing your skin type to finding the right products based on your type. This quiz takes a unique approach by focusing on the body rather than just the face.

Body skin type quiz

What is your true skin type? From interact

Find your skin type, then find the right products based on your skin type. It’s so simple but it hasn’t been until the last couple of years that this idea has truly caught on and skyrocketed so many brands.

Want to use this quiz? It’s a template! click here to use the skin type quiz template

whats your true skin type

Which skin care products are right for your goals? From Mood

Align on goals, then help people reach their goals. There’s no better way to sell products without selling then to help people reach the goals they already have in mind. This quiz does that beautifully.

which products will help you reach your skin care goals

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