Are you a cybersecurity novice or expert?

Take this quiz to find out how prepared you are against computer attacks!

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Do you have an anti-virus software on your computer?

What's that?


Maybe, but I haven't used or updated it anytime recently. 


Yes! I have updated anti-virus software on my computer. 


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How often do you perform virus scans?

I don't have anti-virus software. 


Very rarely.


I perform regular scans of my computer!


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Do you keep your operating system up-to-date?

I can't remember the last time I updated my operating system.


I forget sometimes, but it's usually up-to-date.


My computer is always running the latest operating system!


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Do you stop to think before opening any e-mail or message attachments?

Not really?


Yes, unless it's from a friend.


I always make sure any attachments seem safe, regardless of the sender. 


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Do you download software from third-party or pirated content websites?

Yes, I love downloading games, music, and software from random sites. 


I try to avoid more suspicious websites, but I will if I need free software.


I stick to secure, reputable developers. 


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If downloading suggested software, do you follow links or manually search for the installer?

I click links in emails or messages to download software all the time!


I don't really think about it...


I always make sure to search for the software myself to ensure that I'm actually downloading from a reputable website. 


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You're a cybersecurity novice!

You still have a lot to learn! Luckily, we have a lot of resources about different computer attacks and how to prevent them.

You're tech-savvy, but still have much to learn!

You're a conscious computer user! You've taken a few steps to protect yourself from computer attacks, but you still have room for improvement. Check out some resources on our website!

You're a computer security expert!

You're a cybersecurity whiz! You've taken a few crucial steps towards securing your computer and personal information, including using anti-virus software and the latest operating systems. Take a look at some more information we provide!