Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert?

Are you an introvert, ambivert or extrovert? Answer these questions to find out which of these personality types you're most like!


During lunch with a friend, you receive a call from an unknown number, how do you react?

I hang up on the call and send a message to the number to ask who is calling


I answer the call immediately


I let it go through to voice-mail


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Do you change how you interact based on who you are speaking to? 

I always try to be as authentic as possible


My friends get a completely different version of me, compared to my colleagues or strangers


I am myself when I’m with my family, but the rest of the time I feel like I’m moderating my behaviour


I moderate my behaviour continually depending on whom I’m with


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When you have an idea, what do you usually do?

I am confident of my ideas and thoughts and I love sharing them with the people around me


I will share my ideas but can be swayed depending on what other people think


I tend to second-guess myself and only share my idea after someone else has done so


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What is your general thought process before you speak?

I think carefully before I say something


I filter my thoughts depending on the situation


I usually say what is on my mind


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How comfortable are you with being alone?

I feel more at ease being alone


Occasionally, I like being alone


I prefer being around people than being alone


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What are you like at social events?

I enjoy meeting new people and mingling


I tend to stay with the people I attended the event with, but am open to meeting new people


I avoid going to parties


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Which best describes how you conduct conversations?

I hate small talk and prefer talking about topics that interest me


I let other people do most of the talking


I usually direct conversations


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How do large groups make you feel?

I feel energised around large groups of people


I prefer to be in smaller groups


I enjoy being alone


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What are your friendships like? 

I have a few close friends that I do everything with


I have different groups of friends and a few close friends that I do everything with


I hang out with different groups for different activities   


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You are at work and someone you don't know approaches you and starts a conversation, how do you respond?

I will introduce myself and talk to them


If I’m really busy, I’ll greet them and not start a conversation. But if I’m not busy, I’ll chat with them


I will smile and be polite but I prefer to keep to myself


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As an introvert, you are more energised when spending time on your own or in small intimate groups of friends. When a social environment is overly stimulating, you'd much rather ditch the crowd to watch your favourite movie alone or with a best friend. Introverts are more sensitive to details and are extremely independent!


As an extrovert, you gain energy through engaging your fellow friends, colleagues or new people you meet. Socializing helps you to feel more energised and inspired. Extroverts tend to be very approachable and are more in touch with expressing their feelings.


As an ambivert, you relate to the characteristics of both introverts and extroverts and you tend to identify as the in-between! You possess a mix of both personality types that may include the charisma and assertiveness of an extrovert and the thoughtfulness and listening ability of an introvert.

Ambiverts tend to get energy from being around people and also from being alone and can be self-reflective in stations and also work things through by talking to other people.