Are You An Introvert or Extrovert? Or somewhere in between?

Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?

Find out

Are you often mentally tired after being with lots of people?

YES!  I just want to go back home and take a nap.


NO! I feel very energetic and happy that I get to hang out with many people.


It depends on who I was with.


Just thinking about it make me feel tired.


I get excited thinking about it.


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Do you talk to yourself more than others? 

Yes. Always.


No. Why would I do that ?


I talk to myself about the same amount that I talk to others.


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When doing activities or playing games, which one sounds more like you?

Play without hesitation.


I started the game.


I don't play. I just watch my friends play.


I want to play the game but ...


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Which of these statements best describes you:

People often described you as antisocial and difficult to get to know you.


You enjoy talking and share your thoughts.


Enjoy one-on-one interaction.


Like to learn by watching.


You like being the center of attention.


You're very reserved in some situations.


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Your thoughts about public speaking .

I hate It !


I love it.


I kind of like it.


I always avoid it.




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Complete this thought, "I'd rather be..."







Hangout with people




Playing sport


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How many friends do you have ?







I can't count. Everyone that I pass is my friend.


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Which one are you?

Definitely introvert.


Obviously extrovert.


It depends on the situation.


I don't know. That's why I take this quiz.


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What will you do when you are in party?

I would approach people who are alone, like me.


I will talk to everybody. I can't stay still.


I'm with my closest friends.


Put ear plugs in, sit in the corner and play with my phone or book.


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You are multifaceted, just like your blog! You like to blog about a myriad of subjects and have many passions. That means you might blog about your life, beauty, fashion, baking, adventure, etc.


Fueled by your passions, your interests, your desire to profit and keep moving forward, you’re always on the lookout for new information, ideas and perspectives. You try to stay ahead of the game, and often, you do.


You set the trends and we follow! You bring excitement and color in a seemingly drab world. The online space can often seem black and white and you add a dash of life with your tips, tricks, and charisma.