Are you at-risk of burnout in your Biz?

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I wake up feeling....

Focused & Ready to Start my Day


Overwhelmed, I manage to get through the day.


Anxiety...dreading my day-to-day tasks


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I Take Regular Breaks during my workday.

Yes, Often


Sometimes, A little 


Breaks...I work till' I drop


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I practice daily self-care habits to de-stress...

Yes, Often 


Sometimes, A Little 


Huh? Self-Care, What's that?!


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Right before I fall asleep, am I thinking about...

Gratitude, for a productive doing what I love with the ups and the downs.


Worrying about my business and decisions keep me up at night. 


Anxiety about all the "things" I have to do the next day 


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I often feel depleted and/or overwhelmed...

Yes Girl, I'm so drained...


Sometimes or a little.  Yet I seem to manage


 I implement essential self-care principles to stay balanced 


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You scored a 0

Uh oh! You May be suffering from burnout...

You may be suffering from the affects of burnout...

Burnout in your business can take time (even months) to recover from. Yet, realizing how you got here will help you prevent this in the future.

Here's some self-care principles to recover from burnout:

  • Take some time to really fully recover (as much time as you need)
  • Find ways to decrease your workload
  • Set healthy boundaries to protect & preserve your energy
  • Create healthy habits and routines to find balance while you continue to work on growing a thriving business.

You scored a 6

You're feeling a little overwhelmed in your business. 

You may be feeling a little overwhelmed in your business. Remember you don't have to do everything.

Implementing essential daily self-care principles will help you overcome daily overwhelm and beat burnout.

  • Try taking at least 5 minute break each day
  • Identify some daily triggers that causes you it a specific task(s) or time of the day where you feel the most overwhelmed?
  • How can you ask for help? Outsource or automate some daily business tasks
  • Avoid multi-tasking and Focus on one action at a time.

You scored a 11

Okay you're a Balanced Boss in Training 

Okay you're implementing basic self-care principles in your business to feel nourished and balanced.

I celebrate you...

Here's some more self-care principles to implement in your business:

  • Learn how to focus on your "Big Rocks" those daily actions that will bring Big Results in your business.
  • Continue protecting your energy by setting healthy boundaries
  • Think about hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to even lighten your load even more.