Are you bad passenger in the car?

Peer and passenger influence is a factor that affects the road toll significantly. Take this test to find out if you are contributing to this problem? 

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What's Your Gender?





Rather not say


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How old are you?











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How do you like your music in the car? 

Quiet, calming and classical


Loud, intense and heavy metal


Whatever's on the radio 


Fast paced dance music, that makes you want to sing along. 


I prefer not to listen to music. 


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What best describes your personality?

Shy and introverted, prefer to keep to yourself


Extroverted and loud, won't stop talking 


Extroverted but understand when to shut-up.


Silly and immature, not understanding of when to be quiet.


Controlling and bossy, love telling people what to do. 


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What does your usual Saturday consist of? 

Rowdy late night party. 


Early night in, ordering take away. 


Going to your sports game with your parents 


Lunch catch up with friends 


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What do you usually do in the car as a passenger?

Go on your phone and share with other passengers funny things you see on your phone 


Read a book


Talk to the other people in the car 


Watch a movie 


Look out the window 




6 / 6

Good, safe passenger

You are a good passenger to have in the car, you have a calm conversation to help keep the driver alert but don't practise any unsafe behaviours such as loud blaring of music or distracting the driver with your phone! Keep up what you're doing!

Bad, unsafe and Dangerous passenger.

You can be the wildest, loudest, person who a driver would not want to be travelling with. Please make sure that you allow the driver the environment in which they can concentrate best buy not distracting them with music, a loud distributing conversation or your mobile phone. Please be aware of your impact

Can be a good passenger if surrounded by the right people. 

You are very easily influenced by the people around you. If you are in a car with conservative people then you are sensibile and a safe passenger to carry around. However if it ends up being the other way you can have a serious impact on the drivers behaviours and not only but in harm your safety but everyone else in the cars too! Please remeber to choose the good passenger option.