Are You Credit Savvy?

Are you a credit expert, a wishful thinker, or somewhere in between? Take our short quiz to find out how much you really know about credit!

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Which of the following does NOT make up your credit score?

Your payment history


The amounts you owe


Length of your credit  history


The amount of funds in your checking account


Mix of credit you currently use


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What is one way to improve your credit score?

Carry large balances on your credit card


Pay the minimum balance on your card each month


Pay more than the minimum balance on your card each month


Open several new credit accounts in a month


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The FICO score is used when determining whether or not to lend you credit.





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Which of the following is NOT a major credit bureau?

Credit Check








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When preparing to apply for a home loan, it's a great idea to purchase a car or apply for store credit cards.





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What score would be considered a GOOD credit score?









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Can checking your own credit report hurt your credit score?





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Even being a few days late on a payment can have a big impact on your score.





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Wishful Thinker

You're a wishful thinker when it comes to your credit score. You could use some work when it comes to your credit knowledge and underestimate the importance of your score.

You're Knowledgeable

You're knowledgeable on the basics of credit, but it looks like you need to brush up on your facts.


You're credit-wise. You understand the basics of credit knowledge and then some; however, have room to improve.

Credit Expert

Congratulations! You're a credit expert. You have a comprehensive understanding of what makes up your credit score and how you can improve it.