Are You Esmart!???

Are you able to stay safe online!???

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When online you meet someone your age in a chat room. Is it OK to give him or her your address or phone number so you can get together?





Of course!!


1 / 7

You have a digital picture of yourself and someone you met online wants to see it. Is it OK to send it to that person?     





Of course


2 / 7

You're visiting a site from a company or organisation that you have heard of. They want your name and phone number so they can enter a contest. Is it OK to enter?  





Of course


3 / 7

When in the middle of a chat session, someone says something really mean. Should You:

Say something mean back?


Ask them for an apology


Don't respond; tell an adult if it bothers you


4 / 7

You and your parents have established rules as to what you can do on the Internet when you are home. When at a friend's house, should you go by your parents' rules or do whatever your friend does?

Go by your friends rules


Go by your parents' rules


5 / 7

You are online and you get a message from the company providing internet asking for your password. They say they need it to fix your internet. Should you give it to them?   





6 / 7

 You met someone in a chat room who wants to get together. They live nearby. Can you arrange a meeting?





7 / 7

You are not very Esafe

You are prone to attacks. hopefully you have learned how to be more Esafe.

You are relatively Esafe

You can learn some more tricks but are pretty safe online.

You are very Esafe

You are extremely safe on the internet. You know your stuff!!!