Are you Generous?

Do you ever wonder where you are on the spectrum of generous to stingy? Take this simple quiz to find out! 

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You earn a nice amount of money at a game of chance, what are you doing?

You  keep secret the news to prevent profiteers rushing around you.


You make anonymous donations to charitable associations.


You share your earnings between your friends and family.


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Because of your impossible schedule, give time to an association, it's out of the question! What if you donated to a charity?

You drag your feet, we are never sure of the honesty of associations.


You definitely prefer engagement but here is a way to compensate.


You are ready to do your good deed and thus be made free of guilt for the year.


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Your office co-workers collect money for the departure gift of an employee you only half-know.

You ask your neighbor the amount of her contribution to give as much.


You give a few dollars, just to say that you participated.


You decide not to pay anything to the pot, you have never spoken to him.


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A friend, to whom you have lent money, is slow to repay you ... You have been waiting for six months!

You warn him that from now on you will set interest.


You are waiting for his financial situation to be better for him.


You erase his debts hoping that the day you will need it, he will be there …


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Invited to new friends, you bring a gift. Two months later, you invite them to your home, they arrive empty-handed

In any case, it doesn't detract from the pleasure you have to offer!


They're got a nerve, I'm not falling for it again!


Fortunately, this gift didn't cost you anything!


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A friend lends you her second home to enjoy with your family on a long weekend.

In returning the keys, you compliment her on her house, really nice.


You compensate her against her will by leaving a check on the living room table.


You leave him a small gift as compensation.


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Children from the nearby school stop you in the street to sell raffle tickets.

You take them the book of 10 tickets, if it can get rid of them!


You buy them a ticket to please them.


You pretend not to have any money on you.


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Overworked by your work, you have totally forgotten that your best friend will be turning 40 ... tomorrow. What are you doing ?

You invite him to lunch, just to mark the occasion.


You make yourself a reminder not to forget to wish him that.


You give him a nice present to make up for the party you couldn't organize.


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For you, Christmas means:

Gifts to please others.


Gifts to please you.


Gifts to be made as tradition requires.


9 / 10

When you make a gift, you think

To the product: it must be trend above all.


To the price: it mustn’t ruin you.


To the person: this must correspond to his tastes.


10 / 10

You give for interest

You have trouble giving and never give things selflessly. Watch out for your behavior! Because to give nothing, you might well make enemies. Learn to be more open and let yourself go. Enjoy the pleasure of giving pleasure. Because generosity is a quality but selfishness is a bad fault!

You know when to give

You are generous in a fair way. You have a sense of proportion when it comes to helping someone. Because you feel that too much to take others in hand, that too much to listen to their misfortunes, you may have to take care of them one day or another. And of that, you do not want it! In short, you are a thoughtful person who acts with reason.

You have the heart on your hand

Always ready to help your friends, your family, strangers, your generosity is limitless! You enjoy making your entourage happy. The pleasure of offering is your course of action, but beware of the profiteers! Learn how to measure your generosity, to help when it seems really necessary or when it concerns you in priority!