Are You Ready For A Full-Scale SEO Campaign?

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How new is your company or website?

We've been doing this a long time.


We just launched. 


No more than a year.


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How do you feel about your company's sales or leads right now?

We desperately need more sales or leads.


We could always use more.


It's hard to keep up with all the sales and leads!


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How much content would you say you have? Think blog posts, videos, white papers, case studies, eBooks or anything in between.

We write a blog now and then when we can get to it. 


We haven't  created very much, or any content. 


We have a regular schedule and we stick to it. 


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What does your partner network look like? Do you work with strategic partners? 

We have a solid network of partners and promote each other's services.


We could use some strategic partners. 


It's just us right now.


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How soon are you expecting to see results?

We needed results yesterday.


We need results, but our other efforts are keeping us busy right now. 


We aren't desperate but we want to check in every week or two and see movement. 


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How well do you track ROI?

We know our revenue goals and where we're at for the month. 


Everything has a dollar value or some other KPI attached to it. 


We know we need to market ourselves but it's hard to figure out which marketing efforts are helping us the most.


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The biggest pain point for our company is...

We keep losing customers. 


We want to improve our marketing ROI.


We really need more sales and leads. 


No one knows who we are. 


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What best describes your understanding of SEO?

We need to write content for Google we can show on the first page for keywords.


We need to write content for our website visitors to enjoy.


We need to insert keywords into our content for Google.


We need to write content to promote who we are as a company so prospects can find us.


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Not Yet...

It sounds like you need to establish an SEO foundation, but it seems like sales and leads are more important and you need them fast. Unfortunately, SEO won't solve that problem.

SEO is a long-term game and even if you spend all the marketing money you've got, you won't see solid results for several months.

You should consider a solid advertising campaign to get you the leads and sales you need in a shorter time frame!

Almost There...

You're on the right track but you need a few things first:

  • Bulk up your content library with "expert" content. 300 word blog posts don't count!
  • Start building up industry relationships. They'll come in handy when building links (one of the most important things in SEO) and it's easier to get links from people who already know and like you!
  • Make sure your website is fully mobile optimized and blazing fast!


You are ready.

You have the content and industry resources, you're patient enough to play the long-game and your business has plenty of leads and sales to keep you busy while you invest in optimizing your marketing ROI by reducing acquisition costs with free search traffic.

Let's get started!