Are you ready to live alone? 

Are you a roommate kind of gal or will you thrive on your own? 

Find out!

On a typical Friday night, where can I find you?

Netflix & Chill, by myself with a bottle of wine - recharging from the past week


Goes to a 'chill' happy hour & ends up partying with a new group of friends till all hours of the night


Grabs quick dinner with friends & home by 8pm, in bed catching up on reality TV shows


1 / 5

What's your texting style?



IDK I rarely text


Emoji city


Full sentences with grammar


2 / 5

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Walking behind slow people


Dirty dishes in the sink


Being Interrupted


Talking during a movie


Their vs. They're vs. There


3 / 5

What does your typical morning look like?

Hittng the gym and then off to work


Blasting music while I shower and get ready


I typically do not rise before noon


Answering emails before I even get into work


Rolling out of bed and running to work


4 / 5

Choose a Home Decor Style:



Midcentury Modern 


Farmhouse Chic


Bright & Airy


5 / 5

The Living Alone Guru

As the Live Alone Guru, you have a distinguished sense of style. You have direct sense of your priorities and needs. And are unwilling to compromise those for the needs of others.

The Live Alone Guru loves quiet nights in, but you are also not afraid to party it up, when it's worth your time. The idea of having to share a bathroom is abhorrent to you.

You love your independence. You're confident in your ability to make decisions without input from others. And are comfortable hanging out with yourself. You're self-motivated and disciplined, without others to guide your choices.

The Overt Extrovert

You adore having someone to come home to and vent about your day. Having a roommate(s) is akin to having a built in best friend/family. You enjoy hosting gatherings in your house with both your friends and your roommate's friends to get to know them.

As an Overt Extrovert, making friends is easy and natural for you. A new roommate isn't daunting & you will win them over in no time! You don't like to go anywhere without a sidekick, but you're incredibly loyal to those you love.

The Ambivalent Roommate

The Ambivalent Roommate enjoys having a roommate, but is equally comfortable living on her own. You love to spend time with those closest to you, but need time and space to recharge your batteries.

Living along appeals to you because it would be your space to decorate and create into your own. But you enjoy living with someone because of the companionship and friendship gained.

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