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Are You Wet or Dry?

Discover if you would have been Wet or Dry in the 1920's

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Do You Self Identify as a Man Or a Woman?







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Are You an Immigrant?





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Are you a Factory Worker or a Farmer?

Factory Worker






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Are you Catholic or Protestant?







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Are you a Democrat or a Republican?







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Are you Progressive or Populist?





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You are Wet!

You are all for your right to enjoy a cold drink at the saloon! You don't care for those temperance folks and the laws they are trying to impose on us democrats! Our motto is "We love our hooch, now give us a smooch!" Come meet us down at good ol' Smitty's Factory to drink some hooch, sing some songs and chew the rag!

You are Dry!

Welcome to the dry side! You understand that alcohol has no place in our homes or in our farms. That evil whiskey medicine has tainted many lives and needs to be stopped! You don't need booze to have a good time, which is what we like to hear. There's a get together down at the local protestant church to make prohibition signs. Won't you join us?

You Are Somewhere in the Middle!

You could care less if the prohibition laws are passed or not! You are going to sit back, relax and watch the wet and drys fight while you sip your tea. Being in the middle and not in the fight is where you feel best. Enjoy being switzerland on this issue.