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Check Which Hair Colour Are You?

A hair colour can define or distort a personality. The hair colour we choose expresses our personality type to a vast extent. Give us a few answers and we will tell you which hair colour totally defines you.

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Which lip colour do you mostly choose? 





Rich Copper 


1 / 7

What kind of a personality are you? 







2 / 7

Which colour innerwear you mostly have? 







3 / 7

Which is your favourite season? 

Winter (Shivery!)


Summer (oohhh… hot!) 


Spring (Nice!) 


4 / 7

What is the colour of your eyes?





Blue (Interesting!)


5 / 7

Which dog breeds do you like?

Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Beagle and Poodle


German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Labrador and Dalmatian


I am not fond of Dogs! 


6 / 7

Which colour did you see first?







7 / 7

STRAWBERRY HONEY has your heart! 

You are a confident, cheerful and desirable person, a person whose company is loved by all. Your strong beliefs and ideologies have a logical touch to it. You are regarded as a headstrong person who can face problems in life. If life throws lemons on you, you make lemonade from it.

ASHY SILVER is your colour! 

You are a lover of peace, law-abiding and a disciplined person. Known for your quiet nature you’re quite cool about each and everything in your life. When things go awry, you deal with them patiently. A life of harmony and balance is your idea of living a peaceful and happy life.


Bold and brave, you have a style statement of your own. You are known to cast a spell wherever you go. Life remains simple and uncomplicated for you and you do not welcome toxic people in your life. Try to stay aloof most of the times and mingle with people who make you feel comfortable.