Compatibility of Digital Nomads 

Could you be a digital nomad?

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How do you perceive travelling? 

I love doing it, enjoying the new places, people and cultures. 


I can do it but rather as an obligation when my work requires it than as a pleasure.


I do not really enjoy it and always try to avoid it.


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The fixed contract with your employer for you is: 

Something that gives me a safety and the it is the only accepted kind of agreement I would enter. 


Only one type of contract without any meaningful influence on how I perceive your work.


The type of contract that makes me feel constrained.


2 / 9

Working in a Virtual Team

 is inconvenient. 


has both advantages and disadvantages.


is a good way for working on the project.


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  How do you rate your organizational skills? 

I always plan my task ahead and then complete them on time. 


I am trying to be organized but it does not always work. 


I have a problem with that and normally need someone to supervise me.


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How do you rate your self motivation? 

I do not need external source of motivation.


Depends on the circumstances.


I cannot work without someone’s orders and deadlines given.


5 / 9

Your attachment to friends and family: 

is very strong.


may influence my professional life decisions.


does not influence my career decisions.


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Do you have capability to adjust to the new environment? 

Yes, I love meeting new people and can easily fit to the new circumstances. 


Sometimes yes, sometimes no.


 I prefer to be in well-known environment. 


7 / 9

Your professional autonomy: 

is very important to me and it contributes to my professional satisfaction.


it is nice to have it.


 I prefer to receive concrete orders, and I do not need autonomy. 


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Do you desire to own the flat/house?  

Yes, I want to have one in my life.


Maybe, but I also consider long-term renting.


No, I prefer access over ownership. 


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You scored a 0

Unfortunately, Digital Nomad lifestyle is not suitable for you.

Your attitude shows that remote work and digital nomad style of life may be unsuitable for you. You are aware that being constantly on a journey may causes loneliness, exhaustion and unproductiveness. Advantages of working away from stable office are not sufficient for you to quit your current lifestyle and discover the world while having job at the same time.

You scored a 16

There is potential in you and you should give a try!

You have many characteristics that enable you to be a digital nomad. You need to consider all advantages and disadvantages of such a style of life. Maybe the best way for you is to work remotely for particular period of time and end up rooted to your home office. When the wandering is over many digital nomads choose to settle down and become a full time employees or freelancers in their original location. You may want to give it a try!

You scored a 22

Congrats! You will enjoy the Digital Nomad lifestyle:)

Your personality is very suitable for being a Digital Nomad! Working on the other part of the globe would be very enjoyable for. If you choose this kind of lifestyle the best professions for you are: marketing, design, IT, writing, media, tutoring and consulting. Working remotely will allow you to travel the world and see many amazing places. However you need to remember that being a digital Nomad is not only being the traveller but also requires high level of self-motivation and organization. Sell your belongings and start packing!