Do You Have What It Takes To Start A Life Coaching Business?

Wondering if you've got what it takes to be a real, full-time coach? Save yourself time and worry and take this quiz to discover how possible it is for you to start a real coaching business (don't be scared, we've got you!).

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How willing are you to be uncomfortable and learn new things?

Very willing!


Somewhat willing


Umm...I guess?


No. Just no. 


1 / 7

How good are you at following through on tasks? (Even when you are stressed or overwhelmed).

I'm a follow through MACHINE.


I win some battles, I lose some battles, but I stay and fight the good fight as well as I can.


Honestly, I'm terrible at it.


2 / 7

How willing are you to be wrong about what you *think* you know about business? 

Not willing.


Maybe a little willing. I mean, I'm usually right but *okay*


Very willing. I know I'm not perfect! (Even though I kind of want to be!)


3 / 7

How good are you at structuring your time? 

I'm a time-management ninja!


I can do it, but sometimes I can get distracted.


I want to be better.


Please don't make me! 


4 / 7

When you think about selling coaching, what is your gut response? 

I hate this, please don't make me do it.


Total terror, but I know I need to learn it.


Anxious and excited. I am willing to learn!


I feel good. I'm a secret sales ninja!


5 / 7

What do you think is most important business skill to have in a coaching business today? 

Social Media and Tech


Writing and Speaking




Grit and Perseverance 


6 / 7

When you think about being a full-time coach, which of these feelings most describe you? 

I feel 100% energized and excited. Whohoo!


I'm excited, but also a little terrified (and maybe anxious).


I feel incredibly anxious and scared, but I'm determined.


I feel like a total fraud. That's it.  


7 / 7

YES! You have what it takes! (You just need one *tiny* thing!)

You've got the right mindset, attitude and willingness to learn that's needed to set yourself up for success as a coach-entrepreneur, congratulations!

All you need to get going is the right information, so to help you with that here's a 26 page FREE (yay!) guide, on everything you need to know to *actually* make money as a coach.

Make sure to continue to invest in your learning - you've got this!

YES! You have what it takes!! (You just need a little more proof you can do it!)

You totally can do this coaching IF you let yourself believe it's possible. Sometimes it all feels so intangible, right?

So if you have any doubts, are feeling cynical, or even a little anxious it's okay!

We have a great free resource to show you - in 100% concrete detail - how to make real money as a coach so that you get the shot of motivation you need!

You aren't quite ready (but you are *almost* there)

You're on your way to success, you've just got a little bit more work to do.

You aren't ready to make the leap into thinking like a full-time coach *yet* and that's 100% okay.

It's important for you to challenge your thinking, focus on building up your confidence (and getting out of your comfort zone) as your next step.

Want to know how to do it? No problem! We've got help. Ready? (Of course you are!).

Just click the link below and get taken to our best practical FREE advice on starting a coaching business, aimed at showing you exactly what you need to do to prepare yourself, so that you get all the help and support you deserve. YOU CAN DO THIS!

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