Do you know your financial health?

To determine your financial situation start by honestly answering a few important questions.

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How secure are you with your annual income?

Extremely secure


Somewhat secure


Somewhat insecure


Extremely insecure


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How has debt impacted your personal finances in the past 5 years?

Almost no impact on finances


A fairly manageable impact


Somewhat unmanageable impact on personal finances


Immense impact on personal finances


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How often do your monthly expenses exceed your income?

This never happens.


This happens one to two months out of the year


This happens three or four months out of the year


This happens five or more months out of the year.


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Do you prepare a personal monthly or weekly budget?

Yes I always prepare and stick to a budget.


I try to keep up with a budget but occasionally lapse.


I have tried to keep a budget but find it difficult to follow.


I do not prepare a personal budget at all.


4 / 12

How easy or difficult do you find it to stay within a monthly budget?

It is very easy for me.


I occasionally lapse.


I seem to struggle with this more than others.


I find this very difficult or impossible to do.


5 / 12

Do you feel like you have sufficient money for entertainment?

Yes we have a lot of fun.


Yes we enjoy the basics.


We rarely can afford entertainment.


We can’t afford entertainment.


6 / 12

Do you set aside money regularly for future/emergency requirements?

Yes on a consistent basis.


Frequently but not consistently.


Sometimes if I have any extra money.


I don’t or can’t afford to set aside money.


7 / 12

How many credit cards do you have?

I don’t have any credit cards.


I have one or two credit cards.


I have three or four credit cards.


I have more than four credit cards.


8 / 12

Do you borrow money or use a credit card to pay off debts?

I have never done anything like that (and would not ).


I am seriously considering this as a practical option.


I have already done this in the past once or twice.


I have done this several times.


9 / 12

Do you have and follow a strict regimen to pay off your debts?

Yes I always prepare and stick to a budget.


I try to keep up with a budget but occasionally lapse.


I have tried to keep a budget but find it difficult to follow.


I do not prepare a personal budget at all.


10 / 12

Have you ever lied to your creditors or made unrealistic promises to them?

I have never done this.


I have done this once or twice.


I have done this more than a few times in the past.


This is something I frequently do.


11 / 12

Is the stress of your debt affecting your health or relationships?

Financial stress has not affected my health/relationships.


Financial stress has had a slight affect on my health/relationships.


My health and relationships are affected by the stress of debt.


My health and relationships are affected by the stress in bad ways.


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You scored a 0

Your situation is quite serious

Below 60 indicates your situation is quite serious and you need to seek advice from a qualified debt relief professional.

You need immediate and comprehensive debt relief options. There is always hope, but you need help.

You scored a 60

You are truly struggling

60 - 79 indicates that you are truly struggling though you have options. You are in a complicated and unstable financial situation that is affecting your quality of life.

It is going to be difficult for you to pay off all your debts, but not impossible. You are feeling the weight of your debt, looking for a practical solution, and seeking sound advice.

You scored a 80

You're in good standing

80 to 100 indicates that you’re in good standing. The situation is not ideal, but it’s still manageable. With a little planning, you can successfully pay off the debt and land yourself a much better financial situation.

While you may be facing some overwhelming debts at the moment, there’s a good chance that you can get yourself back on track fairly easily. Learn a bit about your options and avoid extreme measures.

You scored a 101

You are doing well

101 - 120 is a perfect or near perfect score. You are probably not truly struggling at this point. You may be interested in educating yourself about consumer debt and protecting yourself from potential financial pitfalls.