Find The Dream Outfit For Your Wedding

The man of your dreams can wait but that perfect wedding dress can’t. From conventional reds to quirky colours, we have been obsessing over the celebrity bridal outfits this wedding season. But did you think about the dress that you are going to wear on your wedding day? Take this quiz and get to know all about your wedding dream outfit.

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What is your power weapon?







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Which is your dream wedding destination?

Switzerland (I want to relive the DDLJ moments)


Lake Como (#Deepveer Goals)


Maybe the moon (Chand Par Jana Ab Door Nahi) 


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Who do you think is the best-dressed bride?

Sonam Kapoor


Priyanka Chopra


Deepika Padukone


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What is the one thing you want in your partner?







4 / 7

Who would you call to host your wedding?

Oprah Winfrey


Kim Kardashian




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What is the one thing you really want in your wedding outfit?





Vibrant colours


6 / 7

Which is the best Bollywood Jodi?

Deepveer (Couple goals!)


Nikyanka (you said Bollywood!)


Virushka (Who wouldn’t love them)


7 / 7

Your Dream Wedding Outfit Is A Traditional RED LEHENGA

You are bold and beautiful! Nothing compares to the confidence you possess. Slaying any outfit with grace has always been your power. Your innate beauty and vivacious aura captivates everyone around you. Being a woman of unparalleled elegance and femininity, a red lehenga will be a perfect wedding outfit for you

Your Dream Wedding Outfit Is A Lacy WHITE GOWN

You are a pure soul who is always on a mission to do the best for others. People often lookout for your advice when in trouble. You are calm and composed when dealing with any kind of situation life throws at you. You are the epitome of sheer elegance. Being compassionate and kind, a white gown would set in for the perfect wedding outfit for you.

Your Dream Wedding Outfit Is A YELLOW SARI

Quirky and optimistic, you are a rare amalgamation of style and elegance. Your personality says it all! You are always ready to go on new adventures. Being out of the box is your thing. You are a go-getter who is always high on energy. You love to experiment so what would be the best except for a yellow sari as your wedding outfit.