What's Your Dress Style?

Find the best dress to match your personal style

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What's your day to day style?



Funky & Fun




On Trend


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What type of dress do you envision?

Traditional- modest and flattering


A princess dress!


A sleek number that fits like a glove


Something unexpected and unique


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What about colors?

White Only


Off White


Blush- I'm open to something slightly different


Black- I want to go completely non traditional


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Pick a Shoe









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Like a timeless love story or a beautiful sunset, your beauty style stands the test of time. Your closet is filled with staples that last forever, and your friends would describe your wardrobe as simple but graceful.


You manage to create a romantic look out of nearly anything! Your look is feminine and ladylike, with lots of draping, curls, and softness. You tend to buy clothes with beautiful, tactile fabrics or lots of gentle colors.


Your modern sense of style means that you are always on-trend and constantly reinventing yourself, and you're not afraid to take big risks! When others need advice on the latest pairings, you are the source.