How Connected Are You to Your Home?

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You get a call at work from your kids—they lost their house key and can’t get in. What do you do?

Log onto your smart home app and unlock the smart lock on your front door.


Text them the code to your push-button keypad.


Tell them to look under the mat for the hide-a-key.


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You’ve just gotten into bed and realized you left the kitchen lights on. How do you turn them off?

Say, “Alexa, turn off the kitchen light!” from the comfort of your warm bed.


Go downstairs to turn them off, wishing your Clapper worked better.


Yell for one of your kids to go downstairs and turn the lights off.


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You’re making dinner when the doorbell rings, but you’re not expecting anyone. What do you do next?

Check your video doorbell camera feed from your phone and speak with them through the app to tell them you’re busy.


Look through the peephole to see who it is. You’ll decide from there if you want to answer the door.


Go to the front door and answer it, of course. How else will you know who’s there?


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It’s late at night and you hear a crash in the backyard. How do you proceed?

Immediately log on to your smart home app and check your outdoor surveillance camera feed.


Make a mental note to check your security camera’s SD card in the morning.


Grab a bat and sneak downstairs to peek through the windows. Hopefully it’s just the cat.


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You wake up and notice the temperature in the house is too cold. What do you do?

Trick question! You have a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature to your liking.  


Get out of bed and crank up the thermostat. One of these days you’ll remember to program it.


Bundle up, go outside for some wood, and start a fire in the fireplace.


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Connected? What's connected? 

You’re not really connected to your home. But that’s OK! This may be by choice, or you may not know just how convenient and affordable a smart home system can be. Find out what's possible, and how to customize your smart home, with a free smart home consultation from Vivint Smart Home.

You scored a 6

Kind of Connected

You’re somewhat connected to your home. You may have a few conveniences like a programmable thermostat or a smart speaker, but the technology may be a bit outdated and the components may not be fully integrated. You could definitely benefit from a comprehensive smart home.

You scored a 11

Smart Home Savvy

You’re highly connected to your home. You probably already have at least a few components of a smart home, and you know how to take advantage of them to make life more convenient. Now you can explore other smart home features that would be useful in your home.