How Creative Are You?

Are you a creative soul? Take this quick 5 question quiz to find out exactly how creative you are. As you read each question, go with your gut reaction. Have fun! 

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You scroll social media….

Every 5 minutes to troll people (make random unsolicited and/or controversial comments)


Once in a while to keep up with family and friends


Occasionally throughout the day for inspiration or motivation


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There's barely anything in your refrigerator and you're starving, do you...

Order out


Google a recipe then quickly go buy the ingredients


Make up your own recipe based on whatever's in your fridge


2 / 5

 How do you get ready in the morning?

I basically wear the same thing everyday


I dress very quickly and usually look good, but often get frustrated


I put a lot of thought into what I wear and express myself through my choices


3 / 5

I much rather…

Go to a movie, party, concert, anywhere I get to share an experience and/or connect with people


Sit at home, maybe listen to music or read a book. (I'm super chill like that)


Cook, paint, write poetry, anything where I’m using my hands


4 / 5

On a day to day basis, what does your bedroom look like?

It’s the epitome of cleanliness


It’s an organized chaos, I know exactly where everything is


I get lost every time I go in there, HELP! 


5 / 5

50% Creative

Your creativity shows itself unexpectedly in your measured calm, structured, and organized personality. You're logical, but you're still the one friends call for innovative ideas. You've got a good head on your shoulder, but need to let loose a bit. Get in touch with your creative side and actually try things you've never done before. You'll find that you'll begin to trust yourself more and make better life choices.

70% Creative

You're a very creative and inventive person! By no means are you scatter-brained or flakey and are very much on top of all your creative endeavors. You are a people person and enjoy spending time with friends, family, and your community. You feel most alive when you’re connecting and networking with people. However, you do hold back sometimes. Go with your instincts and it will take you to amazing heights.

​95% Creative

Extremely creative! You're very in-tune with yourself. You usually go with the flow and seize every opportunity to express yourself. You have a unique sense of style and a desire to make something out of nothing. Your mind goes a mile a minute and you have a million ideas, hobbies, and goals you’d love to explore. Continue to stand out, trust yourself, and you will become a great leader.