How Cyber Smart Are You ???

Are you cyber safe - or a liability when you get near a computer ?

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Do you think that how you behave online can affect your day-to-day life offline?

No they are completely separate


Maybe, I hadn’t really thought about it


Yes, they are absolutely connected


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How do you use (or reuse) passwords online?

I use the same password, or variations of it on just about all sites where I log in


I use some different passwords, but they are often similar


I use unique passwords for each different site


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What sort of passwords do you use?

I use a word which is easy to remember (like my dog’s name, or favourite football team) plus a few letters or numbers


I use a word which I think would be hard to guess


I use long (16 characters or more) passwords which are a combination of letters, numbers and special characters


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Do you use 2 factor or multi-factor authentication?

I don’t know what either of those are


Yes but just for banking


Yes for all my important sites, including email and online storage


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Do you back up your important photos and documents?

Not really, every time I change phone or computer, I seem to lose a few things


I use online (cloud) storage or a local back up drive for some of my devices (phones, tablets, computers)


I use online storage or a back up drive for all of my devices


I use online and local backups for all of my devices


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Do you know about the Dark Web?

Never heard of it!


I know it is somewhere which can be used by criminals to trade my personal details, usually as a starting point for ID theft


Yes, I know what it is and I sometimes check to see if my email is on there.


Yes I know what it is, I have registered a range of my personal details (email, driving licence, address etc.) with a service which means I receive automated alerts if my details are found there.


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Do you know if your personal details, or username and password have been stolen from any sites you belong to?

No idea


I have heard about one or two sites I belong to which have been breached


I know of specific sites I belong which have been breached and I have changed my passwords for those ones.


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Do you know about the different types of dangers online and how to avoid them?  Tick any that you know about.





Dark Web


Online Identity Theft


Account Takeover


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Do you have antivirus on your devices (except iPhone and iPad)?



I think so


Yes I have it on all my devices and it is regularly updated


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If you have children do you know how to help them stay safe online?

No I just leave them to it


I take a few precautions but feel a bit out of my depth


We discuss their activity, I understand what I need to do and I use technology to help me


Does not apply


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And finally, if the worst happened and your identity was stolen, and a criminal applied for a loan in your name, when would you find out?

Only when they defaulted on the loan and my ability to get credit was ruined


When I occasionally check on my credit file


I would be alerted by a service I use, which tells me of any changes to, or suspicious activity on my credit file


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You scored a 0

You're Taking Big Risks

You seem to be unaware of the dangers online and are regularly taking big risks. With a little education and some fairly simple changes to your habits you could massively reduce your likelihood of some pretty unpleasant experiences.

You scored a 10

It's a Risky World Out There!

You answered some of the questions well but there are quite a few areas where you could make some big improvements. Taking some simple steps in how you behave online plus a few more preventative actions could make you much safer

You scored a 19

You Did Well

Well done! Your knowledge is very good and you are taking most of the right steps. There is always more you can do though to ensure that you remain protected.