How good are you at networking?

Everybody networks. Whether it's for work or in everyday life, networking is essential. Find out how well you're doing at networking!

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How often do you carry business cards?

Every time I go to work and work-related events.


Not often, but when I have to do a business meeting every now and then.


Sometimes, when I’m in work-related events.


Never. I don’t have business cards.


Always, in personal and business related events.


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How often do you purposefully attend networking events?

Once per week, purposefully.


Sometimes, when work requires me to.


Once per month, as my work depends on it.




Once every few weeks, for work and leisure.


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When and how do you normally follow up with new connections?

I follow up immediately asking for advice or reminding them of something they mentioned.


I don’t follow up until I need something from them.


I follow up sometimes when I know that connection may be useful for the future.


I normally keep the business cards but rarely get in touch.


I follow up immediately after meeting them, asking if I can help them with anything.


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How do you normally prepare for networking events?

I get dressed, get my business cards and go.


I prepare a list of goals I have for the event, get business cards, get dressed properly and go.


I research the event, get business cards and get dressed properly.


I just go, as they are not something I do because I really want to.


I prepare a list of goals for the event, an elevator pitch, get business cards, get dressed properly and go.


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What type of questions do you normally ask people at events?

Ask about their business goals and offer to introduce them to someone who may be able to help them.


Ask about how they got there and who invited them.


Ask about who they are and what business they are involved in.


Normally ask about the food or talk about the weather.


Ask about how business is going and who they are hoping to meet at the event.


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What are your priorities when going to a networking event?

See people I already know and touch base with them.


Meet new people who I can be of service to or who can potentially help me with my projects.


Connecting with people I don’t know, although I may interact with people I know as well.


Free food.


Meet very specific people I know will be there and would like to build relationships with.


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How do you approach someone after the event?

I add them to LinkedIn and request an endorsement/recommendation.


I add them to LinkedIn and send them an interesting article.


I add them to LinkedIn and send a friendly message.


I rarely keep in touch.


I add them to LinkedIn and send them a relevant video we talked about during our conversation.


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Not your forte

You certainly have many redeeming qualities but networking is not one of them. Even though it seems to interest you for personal or professional reasons, networking doesn’t seem to come naturally to you but that does not mean you should give up. Make sure you follow Gil Petersil on all social networks as he shares daily wisdom on how to become better at networking.

It’s a start…

You seem to be making an effort to attend networking events but lack of preparation is getting the best of you. Merely attending events will not get the results you want, so make sure you do more than just attending the events!

It could be better!

Networking seems to be a relevant part of your efforts at work or personally but it sounds like you can do better. Going to events and following up is a good start, but if you don’t have a long term strategy it is very unlikely that you will be able to turn those contacts into profit.

You are doing well! 

Networking seems to come naturally to you. You know how to prepare for events and follow up with people and you are going to reap the benefits of that. If you really want to take it to the next level, you have to invest in some serious goal setting to ensure that you are putting your effort where it will give you the most results.

​Networking pro!

You know how to prepare for events, who to look for, how to make small talk and how to become a super-connector. Continue like this and your efforts are going to give you results in no time! Connect with Gil Petersil on social media to share insights and collaborate!