How good is your work life balance?

Are you a wellbeing ninja with the balance sorted perfectly? Or do you feel like the work /life lines are blurred and you can't remember the last time you went out with your friends?  

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How often do you work late?

I never work late, as soon as the clock strikes it's time to go, I'm out!


Sometimes I get in early or work late if there is a deadline to meet or a specific project


More often than not I start early and/or finish late


1 / 10

How often do you deal with emails or take calls outside of work hours?

Never, once I've left work I'm off duty!


I occasionally look at/respond to emails or phone calls outside of work even if they are not urgent 


I respond to all email and phone calls no matter what time of day or whether I am work or not 


2 / 10

Do you take all your holiday entitlement?

I never have any holiday entitlement left at the end of the year and plan ahead to make sure I take all my holidays 


I don’t plan ahead but tend to take most of my holidays even if I fit them in at the end of the year so I don’t lose them 


I never take all of my holidays and often carry over days or lose them 


3 / 10

Do you take work home with you?

Never, when I walk out the office I am on me time and work stays where it is 


I occasionally take work home in the evenings or at weekends 


I always take work home and spend evenings or weekends working 


4 / 10

Can you switch off outside of work?

Absolutely, once I leave work I don’t give it a second thought until I am back in the office 


Most of the time I don’t think about work but sometime, for example at busier times or looming deadlines, I do think about work outside 


Never, it doesn’t matter what I am doing, I constantly think about work when I am not working 


5 / 10

 Does work impact your family/home life?

Not at all, once I have left work I am on me time  


Sometimes I may have to change plans or take work home and do it when I want to be with my family 


All the time, I often have to change my plans or I don’t have the energy  


6 / 10

Does work impact how you feel?

Never in a bad way, I love my job 


Sometimes, when I am really busy or have a tight deadline I can feel stressed due to work 


All the time, I can feel stressed or with low energy 


7 / 10

Do you take your lunch break at work?

Absolutely, I go out or take my full lunch break every day  


Most days I do, although sometimes I may eat at my desk or work through lunch 


I never take a lunch break and work through lunch every day 


8 / 10

How do you find managing your work load?

Whilst I am busy I am comfortable with what I have to do and I can manage any peaks and troughs 


Most of the time my workload is good but sometimes I can feel overwhelmed with it 


I constantly feel overwhelmed with work and chasing my tail 


9 / 10

Are you able to concentrate when you need to?

Totally, I have the time and space to concentrate when I need to  


When I am really busy I can sometimes find it hard to concentrate with interruption from noise around me, phone calls or people visiting my desk 


I constantly have meetings, phone calls and visitors which means I can’t get my work done when I need to 


10 / 10

The Wellbeing Ninja

Well done! You set the trend for ensuring you look after your wellbeing whilst finding your balance between work and life. At times these worlds may interact, but you make sure this doesn’t impact you.

If there are any areas that you would like to change, look at where you are now, where you want to be and what’s the first step you can make to change that?

If you don’t already have self care as a part of your routine, it's useful to include some, as this helps to ensure that if anything does change you are ready to deal with it.

The Aspiring Wellbeing Ninja

Your time is extremely important to you and you want to be doing the best thing with it at every moment.

Having a job that you enjoy that also fits with your life goals at the same time is the challenge for you. It's important to take your wellbeing into account and ensuring you manage to fit something you enjoy doing into your everyday activities; reading a book in your lunch break or taking a stroll in the local park could be a step in the right direction to find the balance.

Trainee Wellbeing Ninja

You have some areas covered to maintain your balance between work and life to look after your wellbeing.

For the areas that you would like to change, decide which is the most important or what will have the most impact for you. Think about where you are now and what you want it to be and make the first step to take you in that direction. Then look at the next step and build it up.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to make too many or too big changes at once. It’s amazing how this can then have a ripple affect on supporting other areas as well. Sometime small steps is all it needs. Where can you get support inside or outside of work to help you during this transition?

Don’t forget about your self care, make this a part of your daily routine to support yourself.