How is your lifestyle affecting your skin health? 

Take this quiz to find out!

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On average, how healthy is your diet?

My diet includes low-fat foods and whole grain flours


My diet includes fatty foods, but also fruits and vegetables


My diet includes fat, white flours, and very few fruits and vegetables


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How many glasses of water do you drink per day?





Fewer than 4


2 / 13

Do you smoke?







3 / 13

How many alcoholic drinks do you consume per week? 



1-2 or occasionally




4 / 13

How many times per week do you do aerobic exercise (running, walking, swimming, bike riding, tennis, pilates etc)?

4 or more times per week


2 to 3 times per week


1 or not at all


5 / 13

How many times a week do you do yoga or other relaxing exercise? 

4 or more times per week


2-3 times per week


2 or fewer


6 / 13

How many times a week do you meditate?

4 or more times per week


2-3 times per week


2 or fewer


7 / 13

How much stress are you exposed to daily?







8 / 13

How many hours of sleep do you get per night?

7+ hours


6-7 hours


5 hours or less 


9 / 13

Are you exposed to the sun for long periods of time?







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Do you follow a basic skincare regimen twice a day?







11 / 13

Do you clean your face before bed? 

Every day!






12 / 13

Do you include masks, exfoliators and similar products in your skin care regimen?







13 / 13

Set for Success!! 

Congratulations!! You are consciously setting your skin up for success! Adhering to a personalised skincare routine that targets all your specific needs is key for healthier looking skin. Meet the YOU-OLOGY skincare line, customizable skin care products with up to 40,000* possible combinations. talk to me today to learn more!

On Your Way!

You are on your way to healthier skin! You have started creating good lifestyle habits that can help your skin. To achieve healthier looking skin, adhere to a skincare line hat helps target YOUR specific skin concerns. No skin is the same, which is why you should always use a line that will help target your individual needs. Chat to me today about our YOU-OLOGY line!

Not quite there...

You're not quite setting your skin up for success but it's always the right time to start! Some actions you can take to help your skin could be as simple as making a few adjustments to your lifestyle, like eating healthier, drinking more water, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, avoiding stress, relaxing sleeping 7+ hours every night,, and protecting your skin from the sun or other environmental stressors. Make sure you're adhering to a skin care regimen twice a day. A successdul skincare regime includes cleansing, toning, treating, and moisturising.

You can start caring for you skin with a personalised skin care regimen that will address your specific skincare needs. Healthier looking skin is just a few clicks and a chat away! Talk to me today to learn more about the YOU-OLOGY line.