Which soap is right for your skin?

This quiz will determine what type of soap is best for your skin. The quiz taker will discover if they need a refreshing scrub bar, a clarifying cleanse bar, a soothing lotion bar, or a soothing medicated skin care soap. Use this quiz template for your skin care ecommerce business to grow your email list, segment your leads, and increase your sales with personalized product recommendations.

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Quiz Transcript

Which soap is right for your skin?

Our signature soap line is available in an array of scents, exfoliants, and special treatments for any skin type! Take our short quiz below to discover which natural, cruelty-free, organic soap is for you.

Find Your soap match!

What kind of skin are we working with here?

Dry, and often prone to ingrown hairs 🤔


Oily, I just can't seem to get ahead of it, no matter how often I shower! 🚿


So sensitive! Don't look at it! 😱


I dream of smooth skin! Alas, I've got spots, and I don't mean freckles! 🌋


1 / 7

Do you like to have a bit of exfoliating texture in your soap?

Exfoliating means scratchy, right? Count me in! My dry skin could use it!


As long as it's gentle. My acne doesn't love anything super abrasive.


I don't think my sensitive skin could handle anything too rough!


Does oily skin need to be buffed away?


2 / 7

When people hug you and take a deep whiff, what smell do you want to embrace their nose with?

Something fresh and clean smelling! Like Citrus


I prefer no scent, if possible! I often react poorly to strong perfumes.


Something woodsy and earthy


I’m a big fan of light floral fragrances!


3 / 7

How many people in your household use soap on a daily basis? Double points for stinky teenagers.

Just little ol’ me!


My husband and myself.


My entire family, including two stinky teenagers.


I have a couple roommates, but we all use our own soaps.


4 / 7

Do you have any special skin conditions that could use extra special care?

Every now and then I get small patches of eczema, is there anything a soap can do for that?


I get hives easily and would love something that could soothe the irritation.


Nah, my skin is pretty bulletproof.


Other than age? Haha, but seriously. Father Time has felt a bit rude lately.


5 / 7

What kind of soap is sitting in your shower right now? This is a judgment free zone.

I usually swipe all the hotel soaps and shampoos and ration them. I don’t know why.


I only use organic, natural soap from the health food store or farmer’s markets.


Whatever was on sale at the grocery store.


I have one of those 3-in-1s? Lazy is efficient, right?


6 / 7

Which picture best resembles your skin?

Bubble Wrap


Rashy Hives


Dry Desert


Oil slick


7 / 7

Your dry, ingrown hair- prone skin is screaming for: a Refreshing Scrub Bar!

You’re dry, you’re itchy, but most importantly, you’re showing a disturbing penchant for ingrown hairs — and it’s gotta stop!

The best way to get rid of those pesky bumps, and smooth away excess flaky dry skin is to buff it away with one of our all natural, gentle exfoliating body bars.

Luckily, we’re here with three exfoliating body bars for you!

Exhilarating Charcoal Citrus (with its zesty and fresh scent) to help detox, or Coffee Bean to invigorate and reduce the appearance of cellulite by adding stimulating caffeine to your tired skin — and delicious coffee shop smell to your bathroom!

And for the extra sensitive, there’s Build A Bar. Pair your favorite carrier like Shae, lanolin, or even coconut oil, with a gentle exfoliant like oatmeal, chia seeds, or soft dissolving sugars, and top it off with your favorite essential oil for your own signature scent. Or skip the scent completely if you’re not a fan of smelly soaps!

Your oily skin is screaming for: a Clarifying Cleanse Bar!

You’re tired of soaps that dry your skin out and leave them feeling raw and overscented, but you need something to help break down all the extra oil your body seems to produce!

Luckily, we’re here with a clarifying Tea Tree Bar to help combat the oil slick without turning your skin into a desert wasteland.

Tea tree oil, witch hazel, and calendula come together to make the perfect oil-combatting soap, gently cleanse your overactive oil ducts, and restore moisture so your body doesn’t feel like it needs to overproduce oils to make up for scrubbing it all away.

Extra bonus, it’ll turn your shower into a refreshing, tingly experience with its fresh, woody, earthy and herbaceous scent. Just don’t get it in your eyes!

Your sensitive skin is screaming for: a Soothing Lotion Bar!

You are a delicate, beautiful flower, and have the sensitive skin to show for it!

Petal soft, smooth to the touch, and bound to freak out in direct sun or cold weather — or even just because it’s Tuesday.

And don’t even think about using harsh solvents or chemical fragrances on your skin - you’ll pay in spades for that mistake!

Luckily, we’re here for you with a soap bar designed to clean without stripping your own natural oils, moisturize without being too heavy, and soothe without smelling like a pharmacy.

Available in unscented, or very light fragrance (using only the gentlest of essential oils), our Bare Necessities Goldilocks Bar is just the thing for your high maintenance but delicately gorgeous skin.

Your acne prone skin is screaming for: a Soothing Medicated Bar!

Sometimes, your skin gets a bit… temperamental. And the result of this epidermal angst is acne. Greasy. Sebaceous. Cystic. Annoying!

Dr. Pimple Popper's 15.7 million followers might agree, it's something we all deal with, at least some of the time. The good news? When it gets out of hand, there's a soap that can help you get ahead of breakouts before they happen!

Loaded with tea tree oil and neem leaves to treat bacteria, aloe to soothe and heal, and activated Charcoal to cleanse, detoxify, and gently exfoliate, our Acne Defense Bar will give your skin a fighting chance against stubborn acne.

(Unless your acne is caused by hormones, in which case consult your physician about treatment).