What kind of face mask is right for me?

This quiz will determine what face mask is right for you. The quiz taker will discover if they should try a sheet mask, clay mask, peel-off mask, or hydrogel mask. Use this quiz template for your skin care ecommerce business to generate new leads, segment your list, learn more about your customers and increase sales with personalized product recommendations.

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Quiz Transcript

What kind of face mask is right for me?

Our luxe line of pure, natural, sustainably sourced skin care is available in an array of options to suit your unique beauty needs, and now we have face masks to remedy any skintuation! Take our short quiz below to discover which face mask is right for your glowing, radiant skin.

Find Your Perfect Face Mask Match!

Every good make-over story has a face mask montage! Which one is your favorite?

The Princess Diaries


Mrs. Doubtfire




She’s the Man


1 / 7

If you had a magic wand to fix any skin problem, what would it be?

I’ve noticed a few problem spots, so a little spot treatment would be nice!


To have my pores sucked out by an industrial hoover!


Intense moisture in a cooling, relaxing, easy to apply (and clean up) form!


Instant brightening and exfoliation!


2 / 7

How do you normally like to apply your masks?

I like to slather it on, then peeeeeel it off!


I just want to drape it over my face like a funeral shroud. #RestInPeaceAtLast


Carefully, exactly where they need to be applied.


I’d love to just apply my mask and rinse it off. Simple.


3 / 7

Which fictional masked character do you identify with?

The Mask. I feel like whatever he’s wearing is made of some super exotic Bog Moss or something! Smokin’!


Batman. I feel like he wears the eye mask and only goes out at night to hide the fine lines and wrinkles around his eyes.


Venom. It’s so satisfying when the black alien mask peels away!


Jason. There’s something about the blank sheet of his mask that speaks to me. Not creepy at all!


4 / 7

How much do you like to invest in your skin care?

I like to stock up when I get my yearly birthday GC to Sephora.


The sky’s the limit! But seriously, do you take AmEx?


I like to invest in the right products, but I don’t go overboard!


I shop on a budget, but will splurge for the right thing.


5 / 7

Other than face masks, what other kinds of skin care products would you like to round out your medicine cabinet?

My bags are screaming for an under-eye cream!


Some kind of magical age spot remover!


A gentle exfoliant for my crocodile skin!


Something to tighten everything up! Gravity is rude!


6 / 7

How often do you usually use a face mask?

Face masks are a regular part of my Sunday Pamper Day Routine


I get one every year in my Christmas stocking and I save it for a special occasion


I love to break them out for sad day movie marathons or sick days. Bridgette Jones, anyone?


Any time we have a Girls’ Night, face masks are mandatory!


7 / 7

You should try a Sheet Mask

Easy to use, no hassle clean-up, and ridiculously fun to play with, sheet masks are a great way to hold nourishing products against your face while you pretend to be Hannibal Lecter or Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movies.

Because they can fall off your face if you move around too much, sheet masks are a great way to force yourself to put your feet up, rest your head against your favorite pillow, and take 10-15 to just chill for a bit.

They’re also a refreshing addition to any bath, especially if you pop them in the fridge to cool for a minute before you apply. (Bonus if you have a sunburn!)

Try our Woke AF Sheet Mask, with mood boosting caffeine and skin firming Vitamin C to start your day right! Or the Sweet Dreams Sheet Mask with soothing Aloe and Lavender to help you relax after a hard day.

You should try a Peel-Off Mask

Peel-off masks are viral on TikTok for a reason. They’re ridiculously fun to peel off, and they take a whole bunch of gunk along with them! (Just don't apply to your eyebrows!)

Even better, while they pull all the blackheads and extra bits of dead skin off your face, they also help lock in moisture better than just plain old lotion.

And anyone who’s ever peeled off a satisfying pore cleansing mask can attest to the joys of inspecting it for all the gross bits your skin harbors on the daily!

Try our Charcoal Clarifying Peel Off Mask to uncover the mystery of what’s really living in your pores — and give your skin a moisture boost while you’re at it!

You should try a Clay Mask

If you want a mask that can clean up excess oil and dirt, minimize impurities and exfoliate your skin, look no further than your trusty clay face mask.

Made of clay, sulfur, or mineral-rich mud, clay masks go on in an oddly satisfying heavy layer of muck — and leave you with with a freshly buffed, fully hydrated and smooth face that will last for days!

And for the nature lovers out there, you can’t go wrong with Mother Nature’s very own botanical skin care!

Try our Earth Mother Clay Mask, a soothing blend of rare clay from the highlands of Scotland, infused with peat moss and enriched with sulfur to soothe, hydrate, and rejuvenate tired, dehydrated skin.

You should try a Hydrogel Mask

Ready for an intense dose of specialized treatment? Hydrogel masks pack a real punch, and are best used as a spot treatment, like an eye mask, or on areas with fine lines or hyperpigmentation.

Because they’re so thick, they sit on the skin longer and really penetrate to deliver their ingredients potently where you need them most!

You can layer hydrogels over collagens, or any kind of special treatment, and they’ll act as an enhancer. Talk about a powerhouse!

Try H2O Max Hydrogel Mask, our secret weapon for tired eyes, fine lines, and sun spots — almost sounds like a cure for the Mondays, doesn’t it?