How much do you actually know about impact investing? 

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Which of the following is not true about impact investing?

You can shape the makeup of your impact investing portfolio 


Angel investing is a type of impact investment 


You have to be wealthy to be an impact investor


You can use personal or institutional capital 


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True or false: ESG and SRI mean the same thing.





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A person crafting an impact investment policy should 

Talk to their financial advisor 


Determine how much money they want to invest, how long they want to invest it for, and their target rate of return 


Decide which social and/or environmental issues they want their money to address


All of the above


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What percentage of women control household investing decisions? 









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Which of the following is not a type of impact investing?  

Contributing to a crowd-funded venture 


Banking with a sustainable or community bank 


Donating to a charity you believe in 


Participating in shareholder activism 


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True or false: impact investing means I'll earn a lower financial return. 





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True or false: I can change the makeup of my 401k to make it more impactful. 





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