How much of an evil GIN-ius are you?

Find out if you are a gin goodie or a gin baddie! 

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Friends are coming over for drinks, do you: 

Get out your best gin glasses and favourite craft gins to share with them?


Get out some of the posh gins, but hold back the best ones?


Serve them Gordans, there's no way you'd share your craft gin!


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You go to a friends house and she has a very limited gin collection, do you:

Take her a couple of your favourite craft gins round to enrich her collection! 


Sit down and share your gin knowledge with her so she can expand this meagre collection.


Feel smug about your impressive collection at home and begrudgingly accept a G&T.


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Your favourite craft gin is on offer at the local booze shop! Do you:

Buy three bottles and share them with your gin pals.


Text all your gin-loving friends to let them know about the promotion.


Stock up and keep this amazing offer to yourself! 


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It's your round at the bar, do you:

treat everyone to the best craft gin the bar has to offer.


Get yourself the best one and every else the second best gin - but let everyone try yours! 


Gordans all round...apart from yours, of course. 


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 Which is a higher value, friendship or gin?





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If you were a gin cocktail, what would you be?

A Bee's Knees - sweet, bright and fun!


A classic G&T, straight forward and a crowd pleaser.


A Martini - cold, strong and a distinctive taste!


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You're invited to a party and asked to bring a bottle, what do you take?

A beautiful rare craft gin for everyone to sample


A good craft gin, not the best, but a good one!


You pour Gordans into a empty bottle of a great craft gin...


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Would you say you:

Get invited to lots of social gatherings.


Have a nice small group of gin pals.


Tend to keep yourself (and your gin) to yourself?


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When it comes to craft gin, you are actively generous and very hospitable. Friends know you as someone who will always bring the best gin to the party and encourage people to try new and rare craft gins, people also love coming round to yours to sample your amazing spirits! You are the epitome of what makes a great gin pal - keep up the good work!

You like to spread the gin love!

You know a thing or two when it comes to craft gin and you are more than happy to share your GINeral knowledge with your nearest and dearest. You love to share new gins with your ginpals, however you do tend to keep the very best for yourself - after all it's nice to treat yourself every once in a while! You have a close knit group of like minded friends, who see you as a bit of an expert and trust your judgements when it comes to this amazing spirit! All in all a good ginny egg!

You are an evil GIN-ius!

Evil may be a little're probably a lovely person, but just like Joey in friends and sharing food - you DO NOT SHARE GIN! Unless it is a bottle of Gordans that has been sat in the booze cupboard for the past 6 months! You know what you like and you're relationship with craft gin is purely between you and the beautiful bottles you have hidden in your secret stash!