How Strong is Your Email Marketing Strategy?

Email marketing can be a hard task to master. Take the quiz to see where your email marketing strategy lies.

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Choose the answer that best fits your email marketing strategy right now:

I'm not even sure what an email marketing strategy is.


I have my email service set up and I have sign-up forms on my blog, but I have no idea what to send to subscribers.


I've got a small email list and I send out emails when inspiration strikes or when I write a new blog post.


I strategically plan every email a month ahead of time. Every email gets sent on the same day, at the same time, each week. My subscribers read my emails and sometimes even respond.


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How often do you send emails to your subscribers?

Every once in a while when you get a really cool idea but never consistently


Multiple times a month and on a regular basis


Once a month or less, somewhat consistently.


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When it comes to email content, what do you like to send to your subscribers?

I never know what to send to them.


I send my blog feed or an email when my latest blog post is published.


My email subscribers get secret content that I create just for them, updates about my blog or company, and sometimes even personal stories from my own experiences.


I don't even have an email subscriber list yet.


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When it comes to email automation, where do you think you stand?

What is that?


The only email automated is the subscription confirmation.


I have a welcome email or email series automated.


I have a welcome email as well as regular blog update email set up to send to my subscribers automatically.


I haven't gotten to automating anything yet.


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When it comes email personalization, you:

Never include the subscribers' name or don't collect names


I do it once in a great while


I try to personalize every email I send to my subscribers


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When it comes to testing email strategies or elements, you:

I switch up my content once in a while, but that's about it


Regularly test everything; subject lines, calls to action, content, and even when I send emails


Don't do it or don't know how


6 / 8

When it comes to email design, you:

I like to send long emails, sometimes even a full blog post


Short emails but I give my subscribers more than one call to action option


Short email copy and only one call to action


7 / 8

Email marketing makes you feel:

Like you want to give up


Confident. You know what you're doing and you are constantly trying to strengthen your marketing strategy and open and click-through rates


Confused. You just can't seem to get it right. It's always a hit or miss situation.


8 / 8

Email Marketing Novice!

You're still figuring things out, maybe you haven't started your email marketing yet or your just dipping your toes in the water. Sometimes you feel like you're feeling around in the dark and have no direction. You'll get there eventually, but to get you started click below to read more about effective email marketing for beginners.

You're a Junior Marketer!

Heyyy! You're getting the hang of things now. You've got some great strategies that you take advantage of, but there are definitely a couple areas that you know you need to work on. Keep checking those stats and testing different subject lines, different types of copy or calls to action. You'll get it, I can feel it. But until then you should try using quizzes to up your email marketing game.

The Pro Email Marketer!

What are you doing here? You've got great conversion rates and you know exactly what your readers and customers want and need. You utilize automation to the extreme and have your email content planned out well in advance. Keep doing what you're doing. Maybe you can even add a quiz or two of your own!