How transcendental are you?

Find out if you have the qualities to run with Thoreau and Emerson!

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What do you think when you see this picture

Serene and peaceful






Gross and dirty


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I feel most accomplished when...

My parents/guardians tell me they are proud of me


I completed something all on my own


All my friends are getting along and happy with me


I used the least resources (time, energy, materials) to get the job done. I was as efficient as possible


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Where would you rather live?

downtown Indianapolis


on a farm outside Columbus


in Brown County miles away from the closest neighbor


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How do faith and religion play in your life

No rol


I am spiritual but don't believe in or necessarily need a church/organization  to practice my faith


My church or religion is a very important aspect of my faith


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What sounds like the perfect Saturday

Going out to dinner or a movie with friends


A quiet stroll through Mill Race


Spending time teaching yourself a new skill


Videogame or Netflix binge


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What's most important to you

Friends and Family


Security and Stability


Love and partnership


Independence and Self-reliance


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Which literary heroine do you admire most

Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)


Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)


Juliet Capulet (Romeo and Juliet)


Scout Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird)


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Which picture is the most appealing









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Which picture makes you feel happiest









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Which is the most upsetting to you

Increasing world poverty


The destruction of our planet


Being dependant on someone else


Living Life without adventure, never taking any risks


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I believe in myself

1. Disagree completely


2. Disagree


3. Neutral


4. Agree


5. Agree completely


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I believe there is knowledge above the 5 senses 

1. Disagree completely


2. Disagree


3. Neutral


4. Agree


5. Agree Completely


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I believe in a Higher Being

Disagree completely








Agree Completely


13 / 18

I believe that Being is a part of me and the world around me

1. Disagree Completely


2. Disagree


3. Neutral 


4. Agree


5. Agree Completely


14 / 18

I believe in society and its institutions

1 Disagree Completely


2. Disagree


3. Neutral 


4. Agree 


5. Agree completely


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I prefer to use





16 / 18

I prefer to use





17 / 18

I believe people are inherently good.





18 / 18

Looks like you wouldn't crack it at Walden

Maybe you find nature boring or dirty, or maybe you prefer to work in groups and interact with and rely on other humans rather than go it alone but either way it doesn't seem like your much of a transcendentalist. Perhaps try rationalism.

You're somewhat of a transcendentalist

It looks like you share some qualities with transcendentalists. Perhaps you are independent but still highly value relationships or find harmony in the natural world but see it was a retreat rather than a way of life. Some of their philosophies will ring true to you even if you wouldn't devote your life to Emerson's teachings.

A Pure Transcendentalist

Have you thought about packing up and moving to a life of cabin solitude? Because it looks like you are a transcendentalist through and through. You value self-reliance and believe in a power above what you can know or learn through your senses. You see power and majesty in nature and respect it as it's own entity.