How well and healthy are you feeding your family?

Take this quiz to find out how healthy your diet REALLY is.

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Do(es) your kid(s) eat a healthy breakfast every day? 

Yup! They love healthy breakfast.


No, they often skip breakfast.


No, they eat only cereals.


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How would you describe your kid(s) eating habits?

Good eaters and are happy to eat most things I serve them


They can be fussy about new foods


They are so picky, it drives me crazy!


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How many servings of fruit do(es) your kid(s) eat per day?





3 or more


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My kid(s) drink(s) mostly:

Only water


Soft drinks occasionally


Processed juice and milk daily


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How many servings of vegetables do(es) your kid(s) eat per day?





3 or more


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As a family we eat veggies and salad:

Rarely, as the kids don’t like them (we can help you here!)


A couple of times a week


Every day, if not most meals


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How many times per week do(es) your kid(s) eat fast food?





3 or more


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My kids snack foods are usually:

A small packet of chips or biscuits


Muesli bars, yoghurts or rice crackers


A good variety of fresh whole foods with fruits and nuts, and the odd home baked treat


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Do(es) your kid(s) eat too much processed sugar and junk food ?

I avoid processed sugar


Sometimes I eat sweets, but I do my best to limit them.


I eat a lot of sweets and drink sugary drinks


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How would you rate your kid's diet?

Excellent, they eat plenty of whole foods and very little processed and packaged foods


Pretty good, they eat well at meal times but do eat packaged snacks fairly regularly


Poor, they eat little fresh food and prefer processed foods


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Do you check for GMO's or Organic labels when buying food at the grocery store?





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I believe eating healthy is all about:

Rabbit food, hard work and a lot of effort


Feeling better but it’s all so confusing


Worthwhile to set my family up with great habits


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Do you read and learn about healthy eating?

No, I have never really thought about it.


If I come across it, I will read it. 


I often talk with people and read and learn about health and  healthy eating.


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 Ours meals are typically:

The same meals all the time because that’s all they’ll eat


Mostly the same meal for the whole family with a few tweaks


We all eat exactly the same, I’m not cooking more than one thing!


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Are you trying to lose weight? 

I feel really good and am the ideal weight


I have a few pounds I should probably lose


I really need to lose some weight


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When we eat out or get take away it’s usually:

Fish and chips


Asian – Chinese, Thai or Indian


Pub style foods – ie meat and salads or veggies


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Uh- oh. Not very healthy. You can do way better!

You eat quite a few foods that have been modified from their original state, including processed foods and junk food.

You also tend to skip meals and not eat enough fruits and veggies.

Eating processed foods and skipping meals does not give our bodies the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that we need to be healthy. PLUS it's hard to lose weight if we include too much junk food and not enough healthy food.

Not too bad... but you can do better!

You do a pretty good job of eating clean but sometimes slip up - it's okay, happens to the best of us :)

I believe in balance, and life should be enjoyed. It's important to eat our fruits and veggies, and it's important to not skip meals or eat too much processed food. You are doing well most of the time!

Keep doing your best and there are some simple things you can include to make sure that the occasional piece of cake or glass of wine doesn't throw you off.

Super Healthy- Nice Work!

You have a very healthy diet, well done! It's hard, I know, but your effort is worth it!

You should be very proud, as I know sticking to a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be tough.