Know Your Multiple Intelligence

Are you an introspective muse? Or a flamboyant thinker who loves being the centre of attention? Either way, take our quiz to find out your multiple intelligence!

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Do you learn better when listening to other people?

Yes, Definitely!


No, absolutely not. I prefer to be alone.


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Do you learn better when listening to music?

Yes! I love it!


No, I like it when it is silent.


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I have a lot of energy for physical activities.

No, I hate it when I sweat!


Yes! I learn better from doing it!


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I notice color and shapes.

Yes, and I can tell which is which instantly.


No, I suck at them.


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I enjoy doing math.

Ugh, math!


Derivatives! Calculus! HEAVEN!


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I can easily remember songs.

No, I can barely remember 2 songs.


Yes, of course!


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I like using fancy words.

Flowery words is what I'm good at.


Psh. No.


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I would rather stay at home than spending my time at social events.

Bed, wifi, messy hair, yes. I love staying at home.


Being stuck at home is boring!


8 / 30

I am a loner

Yes, I prefer being alone anyways.


I have a lot of friends!


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I notice nature above all other things.

Yes! I like animals and discovering more about all living organisms.


No, I even hate bugs. duh.


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I am a sporty person.

No. End of story


Yes! I enjoy almost all of the sports!


11 / 30

I enjoy drawing and coloring stuff.

Yes! I have loads of artworks already.


No. I can't even draw a perfect line.


12 / 30

I enjoy photography.

Yes! I take pictures whenever I can.


Nope, it's just a waste of storage.


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I enjoy science experiments.

No, really.


Yes, I enjoy measuring and calculating the amount of chemicals i put on my work.


14 / 30

I tap and dance at songs I hear.

Yes, I do it instinctively.




15 / 30

I learn better when I touch or observe objects.

Yes, I like observing and looking at how they were carefully made.


No, observing things is not my type.


16 / 30

I love word games.

Yes! I am good at them.


No, I don't.


17 / 30

I love crowds.

Yes, I enjoy their attention.


No, I would rather face my phone than be with them.


18 / 30

I am bothered by pollution.

Yes, why would I let our mother nature be in danger?




19 / 30

I know how to play instruments.

yes, I know how to play 1-2 instruments.




20 / 30

I have a hard time sitting still and not do anything.

Yes, doing nothing scares me.


No, I'm perfectly fine sitting for 8 hrs.


21 / 30

Geometry is easier than algebra.

I like them both.




No, I don't even like answering questions to either of them.


22 / 30

I can imagine an image vividly.

Yes, and they're amazing!


No, there's technology to show us pictures anyway.


23 / 30

I always enjoy gardening.

Yes! Looking at them grow makes me happy.


No, I don't like it.


24 / 30

I like to learn about different kinds of flowers, birds, trees, plants, etc.

Yes! It fascinates me.


No, it's boring me.


25 / 30

I am a logical person

No. What makes you say that?


Yes, I'm proud of it.


26 / 30

I like learning about different languages.

Yes, I want to learn more!


No, English is already enough.


27 / 30

I like to work with my hands

YES! Touching and feeling something makes my mind work way more better.


No, I am already good with reading.


28 / 30

I wonder how things work.

Yes, it suddenly pops in my mind.


No, why would I?


29 / 30

I can easily remember quotes and saying from novels and movies.

Yes, in fact I have a favorite one!


No, I just enjoy the movie. 


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Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence

You like to tell and share thoughts to your friends, loved ones, and even to the public! You don't seem to hide your opinions to everyone. You also like to write stories, poems, and even deliver a speech to a massive number of crowd.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

You really love being the center of attention, you don't mind people watching you for as long as you want. You are intelligent at your words and are very straightforward.

Interpersonal Intelligence

You are reserved and calm (well, mostly) You don't like working with groups of people, you prefer to be alone as it eases your mind. You don't really like loud places, you prefer to talk to yourself than talk to everyone else. Being alone makes your mind work more and think more!

Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence

You are very active when it comes to sports, dancing, and any physical activities. You like moving around as it boosts your mind in learning a lot!

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

You learn best when you see, draw, visualize, color and even using maps! You like to see the world in its structural and colorful form! You don't seem to mind mistakes as long as you create art.

Musical Intelligence

You are the kind of person who sings and creates songs a lot. You can differentiate tones and tunes, and can memorize a song better than the periodic table!

Logical Mathematical Intelligence

For as long as it involved with numbers you're definitely in it! You don't have problems with answering math problems. You are very calculated at your actions. You have the ability to develop equations and make calculations. In other words you love to solve problems such as puzzles and solving mathematical equation.