Mystical Arts Personality Quiz

Which of the 10 elements in Mystical Arts are you the closest with?

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Which one of these ideas make up you the best?







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What kind of food would you prefer? (Maximum 3 answers allowed)

Sweet goods


Baked goods


Home food


Fresh foods


Bland foods


Old foods


Neutral foods


Salty foods


Bitter foods


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Which creature do you like the most? (Maximum 3 answers)



















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If you fly in the air on whatever tools, which places would you likely explore? (Maximum 3 choices)

A beautiful creative world


A fairy kingdom


A beach


High up into the clouds


Hidden forests


Ancient terrain


An observatory city


The darkest places ever


Large Caverns with Springs


A waterfall


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If you were to choose a spell to use, which one do you think you would prefer the most?

Dreaming spell


Flight spell


Charming spell


Purification spell


Zen spell


De-evolution spell


Rarity spell


Shade spell


Bringing life spell


Discovery spell


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Do you prefer to be a leader of a follower?

A leader


A follower


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If you could change the world, what would you prefer most to do? (Maximum 3 answers)

Use visuals to revolutionize the world


Help humans fly


Help the homeless


Help the world be kind to one another


Teach humans about discipline


Discover ancient history


Contribute to a scientific breakthrough


Break people out of illusions


Save the forests


Leave a long lasting benevolent moral


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What would be a trait that people value in you?









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Which color do you like out of all of these? (Maximum 3 colors)

Dreamy Purple


Light Blue


Attracting Pink


Pure Blue


Bamboo Green


Primordial Red


Royal Purple


Shady Blue


Energizing Green


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Which elemental magic sounds the most interesting to you? (Maximum 3 choices)



















10 / 10

Fantasy Magic / Phantasmaturge

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Phantasmaturge.

Phantasmaturge is the art of bringing physical forms to fantasy.

High level Phantasmaturge deals with the supernal workings of the fantasy world, powerful illusions, and dream like states. Much easier flight is a bonus of Phantasmaturge. They are also capable of reading the future through one’s dreams although they are limited to what they reveal. This magic deals with wonders and mysterious secrets.

Sylph Magic / Angelusturge

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Angelusturge.

Angelusturge is the control of supernatural benevolent spirits and becoming one with the mystical spirits. These creatures focus on butterflies (realistic form), faeries (magical form), and finally angels (divine form). Wings become their weapon.

High level Angelusturge deals with the most sacred and mystical practices of the sylph to create pure sheer sylph power which has the ability to recover or cause destruction as well as purifying tainted magic. Powerful flight is a given bonus.

Love Magic / Amoreturge

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Amoreturge.

Amoreturge is the manipulation of feelings and love.

High level Amoreturge delves heavily into the art of love, powerful destructive charms, the most skilled written spells on love notes, skillfully crafted dolls created for aggressive magical warfare, and rituals for breaking relationships mentally and physically.

Pure Magic / Purusturge

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Purusturge.

Purusturge is the art of clearing impurities and harnessing pure energy.

High level Purusturge deals with light created by purities, also known as pure energy or pure light. This magic is capable of separating mixed spells to the extent of the caster and it does not take much pure energy to cause havoc. It is also capable of vaporization properties as well as chaining properties.

Balance Magic / Bilansturge

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Bilansturge.

Bilansturge is the art of balancing any energies together.

High level Bilansturge involves the balance of extremely different energies together, creating rather devastating unstable attacks because the energy from Bilansturge is heavily based on the contrary energies. Using the contrary energies, a Bilansturgist can release very powerful spells that are related to nature’s neutral areas, where there is either no influence of nature or equal influence from all of nature’s elements.

Primal Magic / Primusturge

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Primusturge.

Primusturge is the art of manipulating primal energy.

High level Primusturge utilizes primordial energy derived from the youth of nature and becomes a destructive unknown force that is difficult to understand. History and de-evolution of energy back in time allows for much more lethal power in primal energy.

Mystic Magic / Mysticimancy

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Mysticimancy.

Mysticimancy is the art of controlling the powerful mystic energy that flows through all of existence.

High level Mysticimancy involves using sheer mystic energy to be the offensive energy itself or take the form of massive cubes that become an extension of casting magic and deadly weapons.

Shadow Magic / Umbramancy

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Umbramancy.

Umbramancy is the art of controlling the shadow energy that emits from that does not see the light directly.

High level Umbratory can be used with purposes of the souls, to bring back the dead in a much more deadly fashion than Necromancy. Umbratory can give a serious power boost to other magics and bend the elements into a power that is unknown and catastrophic. By itself, it is a powerful element itself and because it always has access to shadows, Umbramancers are highly dangerous in fights because shadows are usually present.

Life Magic / Animancy

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Animancy.

Animancy is the art of controlling life energy that emits from all living beings.

High Level Animancy involves the healing of non living things and breathing life back into it to repair the object. This can also be applied to living beings. Spirits and animals full of vigor are important for Animancers to fully utilize their shed off vigor and use it as energy to be a powerful healing energy, weapon, or defense.

Arcane Magic / Arcanamancy

Looks like you are destined for greatness as a future wizard in Arcanamancy.

Arcanamancy is the art of controlling the most powerful single pure energy although it is broken up into three parts prior to its combination, Mystic, Shadow, and Life.

High level Arcanamancy involves the harmony between Mystic, Shadow, and Life Magic. When they are all combined together, they form an energy called Arcane energy, one of the most powerful singular pure energies that have already existed in nature. They utilize the highest level of the magic circles. Sheer Arcane energy can provide such a massive power boost to other magics to the point they become nearly on par with Arcanamancy itself. Because Arcanamancy is an extremely difficult and risky magic to perform, it is easier when used as an enhancement for other elements.