Natural Arts Personality Quiz

Which of the 7 elements in Nature Arts are you the closest with?

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What kinda heat do you like on a typical day?

Very hot






1 / 10

What is your favorite snacks or drinks out of the options? (Max 2 answers)



Spicy chips


Veggies or fruits


Nuts and beans








2 / 10

Which creature do you like the most?

Sea Mantis








Electric Eel






3 / 10

What kind of path or place would you like to take a daily stroll in?















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If you were to choose a spell to use, which one do you think you would prefer the most?

Water fountain spell


Cooking spell


Garden sprouting spell


Grounding spell


Electricity generator spell


Wind blowing spell


Chemical reaction spell


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Do you like to be surrounded by people or to be alone?





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What do you hope to do most in life?

Make a lots of money


Be happy


Accomplish a lot 


Respect life


7 / 10

How do you get people's attention?

By being as smart as possible


Play pranks on people


Being super creative


Being a bad boy/girl


8 / 10

Which color do you like out of all of these? (Maximum 2 colors)

Ocean blue


Sunset orange


Plant green


Earth brown


Electric yellow


Lavender purple


Grape purple


9 / 10

Which elemental magic sounds the most interesting to you?















10 / 10

Water Magic / Hydromancy

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Hydromancy.

Hydromancy is the art of controlling water.

High level Hydromancy deals with different kinds of liquids, components of pure water, and extremely high pressure to create devastating attacks.

Fire Magic / Pyromancy

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Pyromancy.

Pyromancy is manipulation of the flames.

High level Pyromancy deals with heat and pressure as well as molten solids and super heated air particles capable of mass destruction.

Plant Magic / Chloromancy

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Chloromancy.

Chloromancy is the mastery of plant cells.

High level Chloromancy does not need to rely on anything but magic for growth thus it can be “planted” in magic itself. As well as boasting great defensive and offensive power. Chloromancers also know a little bit about the power of healing.

Earth Magic / Terramancy

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Terramancy.

Terramancy is the art of controlling the ground.

High level Terramancy involves the repulsion of the earth, allowing powerful Terramancers have the ability of flight. It also involves lifting off pieces of the ground or creating their own ground that they can control and using them as weaponry.

Lightning Magic / Electromancy

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Electromancy.

Electromancy is the art of controlling electrons.

High level Electromancy involves manipulation of positive and negative charges of particles to create plasma. The more particles that rub against each other cause more generation of energy. The more energy released at once, the faster and more powerful the spell will be. If an Electromancer pulls a massive amount of particles more than their own weight, they have the ability to fly.

Wind Magic / Aeromancy

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Aeromancy.

Aeromancy is the manipulation of the wind.

High level Aeromancy involves very fast motion and release of air. The faster the control of air, the easier it is to defy the attraction of gravity, thus Aeromancers can use this skill on themselves for th epower of flight. The faster release of air results in a more powerful attack.

Bane Magic / Pernicimancy

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Pernicimancy.

Penicimancy is the art of inflicting pain through nature’s weapons which involve poisons, venom, toxins, acids, and self defensive biological mechanisms.

High level Pernicimancy deals with super acids and bases, extremely dangerous (and usually highly poisonous) living organisms, and using them in different states of matter, solid, liquid, and gas. One must have acquired the proper skills from the Natural Branch to be able to use Pernicimancy effectively and properly.