Nitrogen Production

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Nitrogen is the lightest member of what group in the periodic table?

A. 15


B. 1


C. 18


D. 13


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These are the type of method used commonly in Nitrogen Production except;

Fractional distillation


Pressure Swing Adsorption


Membrane Separation


Gas Treatment


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Nitrogen gas is used in the manufacturing of steel.





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PSA Nitrogen production require...

A. constant vessel volume


B. constant pressure


C. constant temperature


D. constant flow rate of nitrogen


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Nitrogen is produced by the adsorption plant at.....

A. Above atmospheric pressure


B. Below atmospheric pressure


C. At atmospheric pressure


D. the same pressure before the process


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At the adsorption process, what are the fluid involved in the production of nitrogen?

A. Oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen


B. Water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen


C. Hydrogen, carbon dioxide and water


D. Oxygen, water, carbon monoxide


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Which of the following is NOT the use of nitrogen?

A. Fertilizer


B. Ammonia


C. Food preservation


D. Resin


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Which is these Nitrogen production method has the lowest cost and efficiency?

Fractional distillation


Membrane Separation


Pressure Swing Adsorption


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Why does PSA Plant need an Air receiver?

Due to unstable pressure in the pipeline


To produce more compressed air for the generator


To ensure optimum feed pressure is always available to the nitrogen generator 


To received air from the atmosphere to ensure balanced ratio of pressure in the generator.


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If a Nitrogen membrane separation plant carry out their production in a very high pressure condition, what would happen?

The Plant would explode


The production of Nitrogen increased.


The worker get exposed to hazardous gas due to leaks


Nothing would happen


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